Your First Appointment

Welcome to The Comfort Zone Massage! I’m happy to provide professional massage for your stress and pain relief. Your first visit here will hopefully be a great one! Below are few routine things we do to make sure we get to know each other and prepare for the safest, best massage possible for you.

  1. Health intake form: If this is your first visit or you haven’t been here in a year or more you will fill out a short form to go over a little of your medical history and answer questions about you. There are a few medical conditions and medications that massage could interfere with. Your safety and comfort are my top priority!
  2. Daily activities: On the form I ask questions about what you do, where you work, repetitive motion, stress, pain levels, etc. If I get a clear picture of how you use your muscles each day and you tell me if/where/how you hurt we can use this information to hopefully achieve pain and stress relief.
  3. Goals: I’ll ask you if you what you wish to accomplish during your massage session. You could want relief from severe neck relief, low back pain, or any number of aches. But you don’t have to be in pain to get massage so if you don’t hurt don’t make something up for my benefit. Just tell me you want to feel good!
  4. The room: I’ll walk you to the treatment room and let you look around. You will be shown where to put your things, asked your preference of music and lighting, and offered the rest room.
  5. Explanation of treatment: Before I leave you to get ready I will show you the massage table. Based on your treatment plan for the day I’ll instruct you which way to lay on the table.
  6. Dress or undress: You’ll hear this from me, “I’ll step out now. You may undress to get on the table. Most people either take everything off or leave their undergarments on. That is your choice. You’ll cover yourself with the blankets. I’ll give you a few minutes to get comfortable!” You may have questions or I may have questions at this time. If you don’t want to remove your clothing you don’t have to, there are plenty of massage techniques I can use to help you.
  7. Massage: During the massage I may ask you about depth of pressure, if you are comfortable and if the towels are too hot/not hot enough. You may talk as much or as little as you want. I will do my best to make sure you are comfortable at all times!

I look forward to working with you as your licensed massage therapist! Please ALWAYS ask me the questions you may have about treatments, symptoms, body issues, etc. We are a team, you and I, and should openly communicate. Look through the blog here to read about the many benefits of massage therapy. See you soon!