Young People Hurt, Too

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What?! Is it number 30 already? These days have flown by so quickly. I hope you have enjoyed these daily posts.

School is in full swing and that means our children are busy. They have school all day, extra curricular activities, sports and homework. Somewhere in there they just “play,” too. I’ve heard people say that kids are too young to feel aches and pains.

WRONG! Just because a body is young doesn’t mean it isn’t going to hurt after over-use. Here are a few causes of aches and pains in young people:

Heavy backpacks
Sitting all day in a desk
Prolonged computer use (eye strain, headaches, neck pain)
Not enough sleep

The list makes me hurt just looking at it! Have a little compassion for your teen or tween. Offer to carry a book. Even though young mouths can have a bad attitude sometimes, let them vent a bit. Allow them a space to be frustrated. Sometimes we all need to throw a little fit. (Don’t encourage disrespect, but let her air her frustrations.)

Don’t discourage the weekend nap. Young people need rest. If they are loaded down during the week, let them cat-nap on the weekends.

Bring them in for a massage. Teens and tweens have an incredible amount stress. Massage can be a safe place for them to unwind. Plus we can work on that sore neck to alleviate some of those headaches. We can all work together on proper computer posture to prevent further back pain.

We can work together to help your young person navigate this world. Healthy, nurturing touch is essential from birth. We can work together to prevent pain, correct posture, boost self-esteem, reduce stress and improve moods.

Sounds like a plan to me!