Why Do You Get Massage?

I talk and write about the benefits of massage every day of my life. The most common ones I refer to multiple times a day. There are also person-specific reasons that people keep massage on their monthly schedules. Pain, stress, injury, and other symptoms are all specific reasons to get one or more massages. But it goes even deeper than that.

Pain isn’t the only reason to get a massage.

I administer 12-20 massages per week almost every week. A large percentage of these appointments are clients who receive massage on a regular basis and have for the last 2 years or more. Some weekly, some monthly. Why do they get regular massage? What is it that keeps people coming back to me (and my wonderful colleagues across the state and country)?

The basics:

  • Pain relief-muscle pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, over-use from work/life
  • Headache relief-muscle tension headaches, migraines, stress
  • Stress relief-all-over muscle tension, fatigue, and mental rest
  • Neck/shoulder problems

These are the top complaints that walk through my door. But behind each “complaint” is a person. A living, breathing, unique person whose symptom or need may be similar to many others but whose treatment is exclusive to him/her. One person with headache pain may work well with firm pressure and extra heat while the next person’s body responds much better to slower, less firm pressure. Some only want the massage in the painful area, while others enjoy a full-body treatment with specific work. It’s really up to the person.

What are some person-specific benefits of massage?

  • Improved sleep- many tell me they sleep better, but poor sleep was never a “complaint”
  • Less finger numbness- more than a few clients report they no longer wake up with numb, tingly, or painful hands. Sometimes that is a goal we are working on, but more so they never think to tell me about it to begin with.
  • Softer feeling skin- Only 2 people actually schedule massage to moisturize skin but several tell me that their dry skin problem has improved.
  • Less irritability- So many times I hear “I’m so glad this is my week for massage, I’m starting to take my stress out on others!”
  • Feels good- massage feels really good and makes you feel good for several days after. Isn’t that enough reason to come back for another?

Why do you get massage? Or better yet, why DON’T you get massage? If you aren’t sure if massage therapy is right for you, please call, we can set up a time to just talk. Maybe it’s worth a try.


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