Why Do I Talk About Headaches Frequently?

Why Do I Talk About Headaches Frequently?

Headaches are sneaky little beasts who disrupt your work, play, sleep, and moods. I’m certain you have a few choice words to describe your most recent headache! Head, neck, and shoulder pain are the number one complaints I see. Here is yet another blog post to help with your head pain 🙂

What Kind of Headache Do You Have?

Muscle tension headaches are the most common type to affect people. Tension headaches are often confused with stress, as in, “I am not stressed so I don’t know why my head hurts.” Tension doesn’t always mean emotional stress. The tension that is your muscles pulling on your skull causes your headache. These dudes hurt! Have you ever found yourself thinking you have a neck headache? Yep. Muscle tension. Massage can help.

You can also apply heat to your sore spots to help with the head pain. The Hot Pepper SheBang Skin Stick can also help tension while you’re on the go. Rub a bit on your shoulder or neck to ease the tightness. Apply a warm/hot cloth to enhance the heat. Squeeze your upper shoulders with your hands for a minute or two. Stretch, roll your shoulders, rotate your head, and caress your scalp to help eliminate discomfort.

Migraine headaches are a bit tricky. You could crave the soothing touch of a massage or it could make it worse. I leave that up to you. YOU know what helps when you’re in the throes of a migraine. Good news, though, regular massage therapy *could* reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. Check my schedule against yours here to get in for a session.

A sinus headache is another tricky beast to handle. A well-applied face massage can help dim the pressure inside your sinus cavities. Or it can do nothing. Ha! Helpful, I know! Try sitting at a table or desk and resting your face onto your fingers while your elbows are on the table. Experiment with how hard you press. You could get a few minutes of relief!

The Just Chillin’ Skin Stick is designed to be cooling for tight muscles, but the menthol and cooling effect can also work well on headaches. Apply to your neck and forehead. The aroma will clear your sinuses and the menthol will cool your tense muscles. Win.

When can I help you with your sneaky beast headaches?