What the Heck is a Skin Stick?!

Magic in a tube.

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Shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils blend beautifully to tend to your different skin or mood needs. Shea butter works as a safe carrier for the perfect amounts of essential oils making skin application a breeze. Perfectly Posh’s unique Skin Sticks look like giant lip balm but you apply them to different areas of your skin.

The Perk! Stick utilizes peppermint oil to ease tension headaches.

The Purifier combines Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus for a unique blend excellent for stuffy noses, allergies, and bug bites.

This week, Posh is featuring Flower Child Skin Stick.  “Grape seed, rosehip, and anti-aging argan oils blend with shea butter and beeswax to hydrate, plump, and help tired, dull skin look fresh as a daisy. Smooth this lightly floral scented Skin Stick over dry or impaired skin as often as needed for added moisture and protection. Keep cool. Melts easily.” It is a light floral scent, like roses.

Posh aptly named the lavender skin stick Sleepy Sleep! Lavender is also good for relieving itchy, inflamed skin, sunburns, and bites.

Or, you know, magic in a tube.

What’s your favorite Posh Skin Stick? Never tried one? Which one looks the most interesting?