What is Lomi Lomi?

I have returned from a massage retreat/workshop which has forever changed me. Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi, as taught by Michele Austin, is one of the many types of Traditional Hawaiian massage. “Lomi Lomi energizes the whole self, awakens the senses, and facilitates the opening of new neuropathways.”

The long, fluid strokes are performed on your body as a whole, not back, then legs, then arms, etc. Top to bottom, the fluid massage confuses the nervous system allowing your mind to “let go.”

Lomi interconnects mind, body and soul so they are not separate. You are treated as a whole being, with the dignity you deserve. We create a safe space, a sacred space for your whole self to receive the work.

All you have to do is breathe…

We shall be in a warm, secure room with music, sheets, and covers.

How is Lomi Lomi different than what I already do?

Almost every massage move is performed with my forearms or forearm and hand. Lomi is flowing, long, strokes from neck to toes, left to right, with no set routine. Time on the back side of the body is spent on the whole side, while keeping private areas covered and safe. Your whole leg is worked, not just the back. Your whole arm is worked, not only the back. Time will be spent on all areas, but in no order. Your shoulders will not only be worked once. They will be worked over and over. Your legs and hips will be treated, as well. Your whole being will be dignified and massaged according to your needs and expectations.

The same happens on the front side of your body. Your private areas are kept covered and safe. You are massaged from head to toe in no particular order, on repeat, no routine. Your body is treated as a whole and not compartmentalized.

Why do many call this a transformative experience?

It is difficult to put into words, but I will try 🙂

My preparation for the treatment is longer. My focus is more intent. The music envelops the room. Your nervous system hits a point of “relaxation” and you cannot predict what the next move will be. Your mind “lets go” of irritating thoughts. Time slows down and flies by at the same time. You feel the intention of my massage by feeling safe, whole, dignified, and respected. You are treated as a whole. Your mind and soul are given space. Lomi Lomi massage feels AMAZING.

The massage itself is both gentle and deep. It can’t be boxed into “deep tissue” or anything else. Each practitioner will be a little different. The massage strokes can and will be deeper if you want them to be. Your problem areas won’t be ignored, but will be addressed in a deeper, effective way.

Please call with questions!