What Can I Do For My Headache?

Hey, it’s me, the Headache Lady. I have more words about headaches! Let’s chat about relieving the pesky buggers.

I don’t have time to get a massage right now, what can I do to relieve my head pain?

Your first course of action should be self head/face massage. Follow these instructions or use your hands and fingers to caress your face and scalp in any way that feels good.

Grab a Skin Stick to apply to your temples and neck. Perfectly Posh blends shea butter, bees wax, and essential oils for handy combinations to help with all sorts of annoying symptoms. The Perk! stick utilizes the headache-relieving properties of peppermint essential oil. The stick is diluted and perfectly blended, no need for mixing. Simply apply to your temples or neck where you can easily inhale the crisp peppermint.

The Just Chillin’ giant muscle skin stick can also be used on your temples for headaches. Peppermint, menthol. and aloe blend for a gentle, cooling sensation for your muscles. Apply to your neck and massage in gently or vigorously. Try it on your temples, too.

After the self massage and skin stick, if you have the time and space to take a nap, I highly recommend trying. If you are working this may not be a viable choice, but maybe you can close your eyes or do something away from the computer for a few minutes.

Step outside for a breath of fresh air. (Unless it’s allergy season and you are terribly afflicted!)

Get moving. Sometimes my head hurts SO BAD all I want to do is lie down and it doesn’t help! I will get up to do a household chore and realize the vacuuming or sweeping helped my head. Pain reduced. Hmm. I don’t know the why but it works. Walk around and get your blood moving.

Apply either heat or cold to your eyes or neck. You will know which one will work for you when you try it. One time heat will feel amazing, the next you may need cold. Trial and error.

What are your tried and true ways to fight headaches?