Ways to Fight Off Pain While Working

Is there such a thing as Workplace Pain Relief? Sure. Just incorporate a little self-awareness into your day. Even small moments of focus, stretching or moving can help your body.

Most of you don’t have the option to take frequent breaks while working. You have a schedule and rules to follow so it’s not like you can lay down for an afternoon nap or take a walk whenever you feel like it. So what can you do?

Desk Warriors:

  • Make sure your monitor, keyboard, mouse and chair are all adjusted properly to your height and posture.
  • Once an hour stand up and stretch, shimmy and shake your body for one full minute.
  • Try these stretches for your back, you don’t even have to stand up!
  • Massage your face and scalp periodically to prevent or treat a headache.
  • Massage your shoulders once every couple of hours.
  • Get up and move around any chance you get (without getting in trouble)
  • Walking to the bathroom? Do shoulder rotations, neck rolls, and some stretching on the way. And skip. Skipping is fun.

Stand-All-Day Warriors:

  • Swing your arms occasionally. Yes, just like a little kid waiting in line.
  • Same as above, try some neck and shoulder rotations.
  • Change positions with your feet/legs often. Try not to lock into position.
  • Low back pain? Bend over toward your toes and just hang your arms there for good minute. Yeah, that feels pretty good. Just remember to not hold your neck up. Let your head hang, too.
  • Do the Hokey Pokey. Or the Macarena. Heck, do the Cupid Shuffle if that’s stuck in your head. Just move around!



  • Wear good shoes. And replace them when they wear out. Your entire body will thank you.
  • Swing your arms while walking a couple times a day. (But don’t hit people in the hall, they might hit back.)
  • Stop and stretch every couple of hours.
  • Lunch break? If you have a place that you can, lie down on your back, raise your knees to your chest and breath for a minute. Then slowly drop your knees to one side and then the other. Ahhh, that’s nice.
  • Do the bend over toward your toes thing from above.
  • Actually take your break if you’re allowed one.
  • And skip!

Are these miracle cures for all pain? No. Will they help your muscles and break up the monotony of your day? Absolutely. Plus, if you and your co-workers break out in the Hokey Pokey or Cupid Shuffle there’s bound to be laughter and smiles. Laughter makes everything better.

PS I’ve a heard that minute or two of twerking might make your back feel better after long hours of sitting or driving. I’m not saying you should just start doing this at work or anything but what you do at home is your business 😉