Tune in All Month

Dear Wonderful Clients,

I have a ton of ideas flowing through my little head about things to write about this month. Since I’ll be writing every day I thought I’d shoot a few ideas your way to see what you might be interested in. I want to discuss some popular Massage Myths and Legends. As a profession we are diligently trying to discern fiction from fact. Research findings emerging in the last decade are showing we were wrong about a few things and right about some others. There is so much misinformation floating around that I’d like to “get real” with you all. I want to help you separate the well-meaning incorrect beliefs from documented research findings.

Myths, legends, fact or fiction?

  • You can’t massage a pregnant woman’s feet. Or ankles. Or at all. 
  • Lactic acid makes muscles hurt a few days after working out.
  • Massage removes toxins from the body.
  • Massage is as good as talk therapy for symptoms of anxiety.
  • Massage is better than drugs for general lower back pain.

Which is fact and which is fiction? Stay tuned and we will dive in to the good stuff!

Is there something you’ve heard about massage therapy and want to know if it’s true? Ask and we’ll discuss it right here on the blog.

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