Toxins: What I won’t be squeezing out of your muscles.

This is a HOT debate among massage professionals. It is something that has been said for decades in one form or another.

“Massage flushes toxins out of your muscles/body.”

Really?! How? And what? What happens? No, what REALLY happens.

These are questions that I wish I would have asked in massage school 10 years ago. Then I wouldn’t have suffered the melt-down of 2011. But I’m Ok now. And you won’t hear me talking about toxins.

First of all, I think that what people might be referring to as toxins is probably metabolic waste, lactic acid, or I don’t know, really. Even if metabolic waste is what a “toxin” is in this context, the stuff just isn’t squeezed and flushed out.

Think about how each of these things work.

What do we know about how the systems of the body work? The blood stream? Kidneys, lungs, digestive system, endocrine, exocrine systems. .All of it. Think about how each of these things work. Now, I ask you this:

Do I really think that a hand can squeeze stuff out of a muscle, that stuff gets into the bloodstream and then your body pees it out?

Because that is how this was “explained” to me. This is how it’s “explained” in professional discussions every day. Think about this. Is this how the body functions?
No. Can I tell you exactly what happens to your muscles, blood, etc during a massage? No. But I can tell you that your metabolic waste, the by-products that your muscles and organs produce, are not “toxins.” We already discussed that lactic acid isn’t a toxin. Massage doesn’t even do anything to it. Let’s apply that to the toxin talk. Whatever “job” your body, muscles, organs or cells does at any given time may produce a waste or a by-product. But our bodies are pretty amazing. Most of that stuff already has a way to exit the body or be used up by it in some way. I’m going to let Paul Ingraham explain this to you, because there is no way I can do it better than him. This article is a little long, but if you really want to know about this it is a great read. And the video by Laura Allen is most excellent.

So when you come in for your next massage I won’t be ‘cleansing your body.’ I won’t be flushing the bad stuff out. I won’t push around the lactic acid that is stuck in your muscles. I’ll be relieving muscle tension. I’ll be slowly kneading your skin and muscles, relaxing your mind, slowing your heartbeat, calming your breaths and making you feel awesome inside and out.

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