Totally Random Post

#20 of 31 posts in 31 days

Whew! This 31 posts challenge is proving to be exhilarating! And a bit worrisome. You see, I’m not a “planner” when it comes to things like writing. I can’t make of list of 10 things and then write about them a week later. I should, but I can’t. Basically I open my laptop, open up and start typing. I would NOT advise anyone else to do it this way, but it’s how I roll. So what will I talk about today?

My five-year-old participated in her 2nd gymnastics class today. She loves it! She runs and jumps and turns cartwheels. They stretch and practice back-bends and other techniques. It’s really fun to watch how much fun she’s having!

The Licensed Massage Therapist in me noticed the older group practicing round-offs and back hand springs. Can I just say, “Wow!” These girls are strong! The power in the arms, legs and core is amazing! They just flip and flop effortlessly. Some are graceful, others not so but working on it.

All I could see was muscles. The arms, especially. On the beginner’s side the coach would hold the girl up because her arms weren’t strong enough to keep her head off the ground. On the more advanced side the girls were able to flip twice with minimal spotting. It definitely takes arm strength to make that happen. And leg strength to propel her toward her arms.

Of course, my sweet child got a massage before bed tonight! I paid special attention to her arms. Her little arms aren’t quite strong enough to keep her from falling on her head. She can turn a cart-wheel, but needs help with the back bend.

I was entertained at the end of class because they had the girls run line drills. You know the kind, run to the first line and back, the second line and back, and so on and so forth. Well the girls are ages 4-10. They were running in zigzags, circles, and every direction but the right one! My girl ran as hard as she could and smiled the whole time! It must be nice to be able to run and smile the whole time!

She’s sound asleep. School and gymnastics will wear anyone out, I guess!

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