The Waiting Room Headache

Do you ever get the feeling that you are different? I stuck out like a sore thumb today!  While sitting in a waiting room, I noticed that almost everyone is reading something. Several people were reading magazines, two people were reading electronic tablets, and one person had a book. I, too, had a magazine to read. However, I looked a little different.

All the people held their reading material in their laps. Heads were thrust forward, shoulders sagging, and backs were all wadded up like an upright fetal position. Comfy, right? And then there was me. I held my magazine directly in front of my face. I looked as if I was hiding! You know, hiding in plain sight like on a sitcom.  “You can’t POSSIBLY see me with this magazine covering my face!”  I don’t know if I looked like a fool or not, but I know I looked different from everyone else.


It’s amazing what I notice when surrounded by people. I am in the business of pain relief and I have gotten pretty good at spotting pain. The people who stared into their laps all day probably ended up with a headache. And neck pain. And shoulder pain. Holding the reading material in front of your face helps hold your head up. The neck muscles don’t have to strain or pull on the back of your skull causing eye-gauging pain. Well, it *might* not be eye-gauging but it could be. Why risk it?

What did I do differently? I sat with *mostly* good posture while holding the magazine up to my eye level. I also stood up and walked around periodically. Sitting for long periods is hard on the body. After I rode in the car for an hour, sat in a waiting room for three hours, and rode home an hour, I was EXHAUSTED! And my shoulders hurt a little bit. I tried to walk around frequently and still ended up in pain.

The next time you have to wait somewhere and you whip out your phone or magazine try holding it closer to your eye level. It works, trust me! If it’s too late and your neck and shoulders already hurt please visit my schedule to see if there is a massage opening for you. It’s easy! Choose a service then a day/time.

See you soon!

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