The Pregnant Zone

The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy that it can feel like you’ve been taken over by a body snatcher. Your emotions are all over the place. You’re excited, scared and anxious about the changes in your body. AND you have a person growing inside of you. You certainly don’t need people freaking you out about the things you do.

“Don’t eat spicy foods,” “don’t have sex,” “don’t color your hair,” “don’t drink caffeine,” “don’t get a massage,” “don’t walk!” “don’t run!” “don’t hold in your farts or your eyes will pop out and your baby will be born naked!”

OK, I made that last one up.  If you are or ever have been expecting a child  you know  anyone and everyone word vomits unsolicited advice. Do this, don’t do that. You’re not big enough, you’re too big. Eat xyz but don’t drink abc.  Smile and thank them kindly and then ask your OB/GYN or midwife about any REAL health questions you have.

Pregnancy and Massage

There are many myths and old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy and massage therapy. Have you heard any of these? (Some of them may only be discussed between other massage professionals, but we’ll discuss them anyway.)

  • Don’t massage a pregnant woman’s feet.
  • If you push on her ankles she’ll go into labor!
  • You can’t get a massage during the first trimester.
  • You can’t have deep tissue work during pregnancy.
  • You can’t get massage at all during pregnancy.

As if you aren’t anxious enough now you have people and professionals telling you things like this? I’d probably skip massages, too! All this misinformation gets me ragey.  I meet a young mother-to-be whose lower back hurts.  Her husband buys her a massage appointment but she’s so nervous she can barely lay down. She almost jumps from the table when I gently caress her feet! She’s afraid because someone told her that she would go into labor if her feet were rubbed. If she doesn’t tell me her fear then I can’t tell her that it’s an old wive’s tale. We can’t discuss how the body works and that a simple, gentle foot massage isn’t going to cause her baby to join us in the massage room.

Yes, there are some safety concerns during pregnancy massage. Are there places that shouldn’t be rubbed? Yes. Are there risks? Yes, but an educated and informed massage therapist will modify any and all treatments to accommodate the physical changes as well as the physiological changes in your body. That’s what we’ll talk about for a day or two.

The pregnancy myths will cover more than one post. I want to make sure I share the right information. I want you to ask me any question you may have. Tell me some things you’ve heard along the way.

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