The Morning Rush

I don’t know about you but mornings are HECTIC  at my house. Things start out quietly, with gentle singing to wake my 8-year-old. Once the whole house is awake, cats and all, it can feel like a riptide slowly dragging me away from shore. These rushed mornings set us up for a stressful day.

“Every minute counts!”

I say this countless times! One minute we have a whole hour to use, the next I’m running in circles getting everything ready! How does this happen? I start out with good intentions. I have a plan in my head, you know? Do this, get that, brush that, prepare this, pack those, dress them, dress myself, and the list goes on. You understand, don’t you? How can we make things a little easier?


Prepare a few things the night before.

What can you do the night before to make the morning flow easier?

  • Set out clothes
  • Pack backpacks/folders
  • Sign any notes/teacher correspondence
  • Make sure coats, hats, gloves, shoes, belts are easy to find
  • Know what’s for breakfast
  • Pack part of lunch
  • Go to bed

Can anything help the morning rush?

  • Print a list of what your child needs to do
  • Try to go in order to create a routine rather than a rush
  • Get yourself up 15-30 minutes earlier to gather your thoughts, have caffeine, and mentally prepare (I know, I said earlier, but it might help)
  • Play your kid’s favorite music for some lighthearted motivation
  • Do NOT turn on the TV
  • If you yell a lot try saying what you yell in a singing voice. It’s still loud but not as harsh. Easier on your body, easier on your kid’s body.

You’ll come together as a team with jobs to do. You will still need to move swiftly, but maybe with a little preparation and delegation things won’t be so scattered.

Once everyone and everything is dropped off or taken where they need to be do these important things:

  • Take a deep breath. You did it.
  • Let the morning go. Let it go. Even if it was a stressful, crazy race to car, let it go. It’s over. You succeeded!

Maybe our mornings could go just a tad bit smoother! And if not, we need to stop dwelling on it the rest of the day. After all, if everyone is where they need to be we succeeded!