The 60 Minute Massage

The 60 Minute Massage is, by far, the most popular service I offer. People choose an hour for a variety of reasons. Budget, schedule, physical needs, etc. Why an hour? I had a big post planned out to talk about money, schedules, and such but I scrapped it just now. Talking about why we *can’t* get massage isn’t as fun as talking about we *should* get a massage.


Why is a 60 minute massage right for you?

Sixty minutes of massage therapy allows time to address most of your body. Many of us have aches and pains in more places than we don’t. Devoting a whole hour to a session gives me enough time to apply massage techniques to most large areas of your body. Thirty minutes is great in a pinch. I can really work over your shoulders in that time.

What about the rest of your body?

During the 60 minutes I have time to massage your feet. That’s right, your feet. Hot towels and foot massage help to decompress your mind and get your body to relax. Plus, it feels dang good.

Included in the hour treatment is significant time for hot compresses on your back/shoulders. Just when you think “it doesn’t get better than this!” I sneak over a couple of hot towels to rest on your shoulders. And then I cover them with a big dry towel so they don’t get cold quickly. This seems to be the point of almost total relaxation. Ahhhhh …

If you schedule an hour massage we have time to work on your lower back, too. Upper back, lower back, middle back. All of the back. I have so many clients who deal with different back problems. Having an hour to slow down and focus on these areas is a good thing.

Hands. Oh, let’s talk about hand massage. You don’t even remember it’s your favorite part until I start kneading your palms. My goodness, the tension that’s present in the hands in fingers! Time for a hand/finger massage is time well spent.

There is enough time for a scalp/face/neck massage in an hour session. This is typically toward the end of the massage. When my hands begin to caress your scalp the rest of your body releases the last bit of tension it’s been holding. Getting your face massaged is magnificent. It’s the icing on the cake of an already fantastic massage session.

Sometimes 30 minutes is all you have. I’ll do my very best to make the most of those minutes and help your body. But, when you have time I recommend trying a full hour massage. ¬†You get 60 minutes devoted to your whole back, each leg, both feet, arms, two hands, neck, scalp, and face.

When would you like to try a 60 minute massage?