The 30 Minute Massage

Most folks opt for the hour-long massage session. It’s great for many people. What about you? Are you hesitant to get a massage because you don’t want a whole hour? You have another option. The 30 Minute Massage may be the service for you.

Why schedule a 30 minute massage?

  • You are on a tight schedule and cannot spend a whole hour plus drive time getting a massage.
  • Your budget will allow you more frequent massages if you choose the shorter service.
  • Your body has a few aches and pains you’d like worked on but it hurts to lay still for an hour.
  • The killer headache you’ve been fighting for 2 days could be relieved immensely in a short time.
  • You like specific work on your shoulders/neck, or lower back/legs, or hands/feet.
  • You are only able to get massages on your lunch break and 30 minutes works out great.

Don’t think you can’t get a massage if you don’t want a whole hour. Whatever the reason, you can choose a 30 minute service and achieve decent results. In fact, some issues/complaints may only need 30 minutes for relief.


What results could happen with a 30 minute massage?

  • If you are suffering from a muscle tension headache then a 30 minute massage on your neck, shoulders, pecs, scalp, and face *could* dramatically decrease your pain. And improve your mood.
  • You’ve been cranky and irritable for a few days due to work related stress. Popping in for a 30 minute massage on your lunch break *could* send you back into the world with more of a smile on your face. It’s just enough time to work out muscle tension while giving your mind some space. (Tell me you don’t want your hair mussed and I’ll take care around your neck/head.)
  • You have anxiety so you worry for the whole hour and don’t enjoy your massage. Tell me. I will understand. We can schedule shorter sessions. You can tell me exactly what area needs worked on a particular day and I won’t waste your time. You won’t have to worry I won’t work on your neck because I’m taking time on your feet. You tell me what to skip and what to massage.
  • Your teenage athlete has been complaining of aches and pains more often. You worry an hour may be too much time or they may not be comfortable with the long session. We can schedule a short session to address any concerns you may have. (And you can be in the room with us, too.)
  • A 30 minute massage is a smart choice for someone curious but nervous about getting his/her first massage. You can use it as an ice-breaker. And when you love it you won’t be as nervous the next time.

A 30 minute massage may be what you need. Contact me or schedule online.