Tension Headache: A Pictorial

The scapula, commonly called the shoulder blade, is one mighty bone on your back! Well, technically it is two bones, one on each side of the spine. These blades are covered with muscles that do amazing work each and every day. These muscles rotate, lift, and lower your arms. Some of these muscles help hold your head up and move your head around. As I said before they do amazing work!

And they also pull on the bones so hard it hurts sometimes. Have you ever gotten a “neck” headache? Your head hurts but it feels like it’s coming from your neck? This is what I call a muscle tension headache. The pain is coming from the tension in the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders. The muscle groups could be in a spasm or just “wound tight” from over-use. Either way, it hurts like the dickens!

Take a break from what you are doing to rotate your neck and shoulders for a few minutes. Slow, steady movements. Not too fast or hard, just start moving to get the blood circulating.

Use your fingers to massage the sides of your neck. Push just at the base of your skull. There is a notch on either side of the spine that your fingers fit right into. Push and release as many times as you wish. And breathe.

Squeeze the tops of your shoulders. Use your whole hand and knead them like dough.

These pictures may help you see which muscles are hurting and where they are. These are few things you can do for yourself until you can get in for a massage session.

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*All images from Wikipedia