Summer Safety

School is out and summer activities have taken over! It’s the season of Little League, camping, yard work, swimming and vacations. Here are a few tips to keep your family safe during all this fun:

  • Wear sunscreen and reapply often. Sunburn hurts and the damage lasts a lifetime.
  • Drink enough water. Hard work and play outside makes us sweat and we need to replenish fluid so we perform at our best. Besides, mild dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue. I’m not saying drink gallons of water, just make sure that when you are thirsty you drink something.
  • Be safe around water. Read this article about what drowning really looks like. It could save someone’s life.
  • Watch the heat index as the summer gets hotter. You don’t have to do all the yard work in one day, especially during dangerous heat. Keep something to drink outside with you and take frequent breaks.
  • Learn the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Keep an eye on yourself and your family members.

   Be safe an d have FUN!