Stuff Clients Say

“That feels so good on my shoulders…”

         “How did you know I was hurting there?”

“Do I have to turn over? I don’t want to move!”

                                                                                                            “Did I snore?”

                   “I think I drooled…”

                         “My headache is gone!”

“I can turn my head!”

       “My fingers don’t tingle at night anymore.”

“Uuuggg… I never knew my back couldn’t hurt like that!”

“I love you!”
“You’re my best friend!”

 “Can I bring you home so you can do this everyday?”
“I think I love your elbows more than any body part on anyone I know!”
“Wait! Did that sound weird?”

                                                                                                            “Sorry I didn’t shave my legs.”

“Oohh please don’t make me get off this table!”

“Is that a hot towel? Oh, that feels amazing!”

“Smells so good in here!”

“Does anyone ever fall asleep?”

“My back hasn’t felt like that in years!”

                                                       “I run better when I get massage.”

“Yes, I can sleep through the night now.”
“Don’t ever stop!”

“Can I come back tomorrow?”

 “You need 2 rooms. Then I could lay here for another hour and you could still work!”

“Thank you.”

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

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