Stress [Relief] Awareness

How is your Stress [Relief] Awareness Month going? Have you thought of some ways that you like to unwind? Have fun? Here are a few more ideas!

Have fun!

Sing along songs

Plug in your favorite music and sing. Can’t think of anything on the spot? Think Motown, Disco, Classic Country, the top 40 songs from the year you graduated high school. Our new dinner clean-up routine (as a family) is to fire up a station on Internet radio, clean, sing and dance together. My 6-year-old loves it! Plus, the chores go by faster with rhythm and laughter.


Hula Hoop

A woman I went to high school with makes and sells adult hula hoops. That just sounds fun! You could get together with a good friend to combine the therapeutic benefits of laughter and exercise. You just may laugh until you cry (or tinkle!)


This may not be for everyone. I love to read but in the last few years haven’t done much for pleasure. My idea of a nice morning is sitting outside with a fresh cup of coffee and great book. You could lose yourself in a trashy romance novel, travel back in history, soar to new planets or walk among the un-dead. Why, you could go or do or be anything you could imagine!

What do you like to do to unwind?