Should I Tip For the Massage?

“Should I tip my massage therapist?”

You’ve seen this question in magazine articles and internet posts. Usually this topic is lumped in a list: should you tip your hairdresser, doorman, massage therapist, dog groomer, etc.? Sometimes the writers offer really good advice based on cost, location, and ownership.

Here’s my answer for you if you are wondering if you should tip me or not:

Whatever you decide is perfect.

I set a reasonable price for an awesome service. The price you pay for your massage is “enough” payment to me. I don’t solicit or expect anyone to pay more than what I charge for a massage. Some people tip every time. Others tip when they’ve been late or had to reschedule last minute. Many people don’t tip at all. Each and every transaction is right.

Your choice!
Your choice!

Money can be tight. If adding a tip to your massage makes it difficult to keep regular, pain-relieving massage a priority, please keep the tip. Put those dollars toward your next appointment! I would rather you be able to come in regularly than agonize over a few dollars and a sore neck.

Take the pressure off yourself! If tipping isn’t your thing I won’t even notice. What’s the saying?
“Never expected, always appreciated.”