Should I Drink Water After a Massage?

Since I have encountered a minor case of The Writer’s Block, I asked the land of Facebook to present me with questions for a Q & A post.  Only one person responded, but with a FANTASTIC question.  A question that is important, as it addresses one of the many “Myths of Massage.”

Q: “Why is it important for me to drink plenty of water after getting a massage?  What will happen if I don’t?  What will happen if I drink other fluids?”

A: It is not important to drink water just because you got a massage.  If you don’t drink water after a massage you probably won’t die or suffer in any way.  If you drink other fluids, you will be fine.  Coffee will keep you awake and too much alcohol will get you drunk.  

OK, I can hear you freaking out over there, but I’m serious.  It is a common “Myth of Massage” that a person must consume water after receiving massage.  It has been passed down through the “generations” that massage therapy somehow releases “toxins” in the body and water will “flush it out.”  I will admit to you all right now, I was taught this.  I repeated this to clients for SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS.  I wrote about toxins for two years in another blog.  (I deleted it when I discovered I was passing on incorrect information.)

I must interject, WATER IS NECESSARY FOR LIFE, I am NOT saying that water isn’t important.  I am saying it isn’t ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to drink water to flush toxins after a massage.  I offer water to each and every client at the end of his/her massage because I tend to be thirsty after a massage.  My mouth gets dry, much like after a nap.  I offer the water because he/she might be thirsty.

The last year or so of my life has been dedicated to learning more about the body and massage.  I have discovered a science-based person who wrote a great article, full of chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology to fully answer this question.   This article has a lot of science in it, but he throws in a little sarcasm and humor.  You can check it out here .  And I must say, the video he links to by Laura Allen is awesome!  She is one the greats in the massage world!  She is someone I look up to, I even have one of her books.

So, I’ve admitted to be wrong, rocked your world about toxins and water, and let someone else answer the question.  How’s that for my first  Q & A?!  This question is asked by hundreds of people every day, so I hope I have helped spread the truth a bit.

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