Scalp Massage, Yes, Please

You’re laying there warm and still, your body so limp from the hour of a kneading and rubbing that you can’t tell the difference between the massage table and your body. Your chest rises and falls ever-so-slowly as you listen to the waves crash into the imaginary beach in the corner. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. You aren’t ready to uncover yourself to climb off the warm cozy table. Isn’t there a snooze button at the end of a massage?

Just 10 more minutes, pleeeeeaaaaase….

Headache relief with scalp massage
Headache relief with scalp massage

Yes, you can keep your eyes closed for just a bit longer. Yes, you may rest your arms under the soft sheet and blanket for 10 minutes more. Please don’t move yet, I’m just starting the grand finale of your already-awesome massage experience.


My hands will massage your scalp for 10 more minutes. Ten solid, uninterrupted minutes of hair and scalp massage. All ten of my fingers shall knead the skin of your scalp releasing built-up tension. I will do my absolute best to caress your headache away.

Extended scalp massage could very well be the thing that takes your 90% relaxation rate all the way to 100%. Don’t be left with an ounce of tension. Hit the snooze button on your massage. Ask for an extended scalp massage and be prepared, you might drool.