Resolve: v. decide firmly on a course of action.

January 1st brings out the hope in people. I hope to save money. I hope to lose weight. I hope to get fit. I hope to get organized. I hope to read more. And so on. The truth is, the resolutions are often difficult to keep. Sometimes we set the bar too high. Other times we try to change too much at once and set ourselves up for failure.

I’m not saying don’t make resolutions. I’m saying make them manageable.

Multitudes of people resolve to exercise daily at the start of the new year. Gym memberships are purchased, shoes bought and broken in, and playlists created for the ultimate workout mood. These are great beginnings!

What’s missing? 

The rest. The recovery. The hobby. The joy. The fun.

What else could you add to your resolution list besides exercise?

  • Phone-free time
  • Weekend naps
  • Time for a hobby you enjoy
  • New recipes
  • Date nights
  • Family dates
  • Massage therapy
  • Potluck with friends
  • Movie night

Add something to your resolution list that ISN’T hard work. You need and deserve fun. And rest.

When you begin a new or more strenuous workout regimen, your body will get sore. You need to incorporate a few healthy ways to enhance recovery time in order to reap the full benefit of your workout and reduce injury.

Regular massage is an excellent way to recover during your newly resolved workout! Your muscles could get micro-tears from over-use. Massage aids in the recovery and soreness. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a real and inconvenient side effect of exercise. Proper hydration, rest, and massage treats your muscles to exactly what they need: restoration.

Schedule online or call and we will create a massage regimen tailored to your workout and schedule.

Happy New Year!