Reset With a Professional Massage

Does it feel like you are being pulled in a hundred different directions?

Obligations, deadlines, appointments, meetings, end-of-the-year school “fun,” work, housework, sports, etc. It seems there aren’t enough minutes in the day or days in the week for all that needs to be done.

All this chaos can be hard on your body and mind.

If you are like me, when things get busy you eat  less mindfully, sleep poorly, and junk food more. Oh, the fun and stressful busy-ness of life!

Running ragged is exhausting! But, wait, you’re tired and can’t sleep? Thoughts chasing each other in your head makes falling asleep more like a dream than reality. Tossing and turning to find comfort due to a pain in the neck is frustrating. Hips hurt, shoulders ache, and your head only wants to rest.

I can’t do anything about your food or schedule, but I can administer a professional massage relaxing enough to reset your brain and sooth your tired body.

Massage therapy resets your body and mind.

I have spent the last 14 years creating a solid relaxation massage with the ability to focus on pain relief. It is a wonderful combination of zen and therapy. An hour on a massage table resets your thoughts, slows your pulse, regulates your breathing, and recharges your mind.

What’s stopping you from making an appointment?