Q and A Health History Form Edition

Why do I need to fill out a health history form?

Many of you have received a professional massage. Many of you have been receiving professional massage for years. And many of you have looked at me sideways when I’ve asked you to fill out a health history form. If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it one hundred times:

“Why do I need to fill this out?” “I’m just here for a massage, do I really need to answer all of these questions?”

Your safety is my number one concern. Your health and well-being are very important to me. I need a little honesty. There are certain health conditions in which massage could be harmful to you. There are certain medications that don’t mix well with massage therapy. My first priority is to “do no harm.” Here are a few of the questions and why I ask them.

Phone Number- If we have an appointment scheduled and something urgent comes up that I need to reschedule I would need to call you.  (I almost NEVER do this.) If you leave a piece of jewelry in the treatment room I would need to call you. I don’t call you to sell you anything. I don’t call you to chat. I don’t text you to advertise. I ask for your phone number “just in case.”

Birthdate- No pressure here. I like to send birthday cards.

“Are you under medical supervision?” This could mean a million different things. Is it necessary for you to see your doctor more than once a year? Do you have a medical condition that requires testing and medication? Answer that here.

“Do you see a chiropractor?” Massage therapy and chiropractic can work well together. Knowing what issues you see a chiropractor for will help me plan your massage treatments.

Medications-  Blood thinners could be dangerous. Narcotic pain medications are a no-no just before a massage. Statins have side-effects that can be painful. The list goes on. Please be honest. If you take medicine for depression but don’t want anyone to know, they won’t hear it from me. Everything on this form is confidential. Everything. (PS massage is good for people suffering from depression.)

I ask your occupation so that I can try to “see” what you do with your mind and body each day. Knowing how you use your body day in and day out could help plan your massage treatments. It could also explain mystery aches and pains. Knowledge is power, or so I’ve heard. 😉

This bears repeating: EVERYTHING ON THIS FORM IS CONFIDENTIAL. I don’t share information. I don’t sell information. I just try to give the best massage I can for each person, each situation, each and every day.

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