Pregnancy Massage: Ankles and Deep Tissue

The last few posts have been about pregnancy massage myths and facts. We’ve learned that yes, you can receive massage while pregnant and no, you won’t go into labor if someone rubs your feet. Yay! While you may need to consult with your doctor if you experience complications, massage therapy throughout pregnancy is beneficial to your health as well as that of your baby.

“Will I go into labor if you rub my ankles?”

Back to the feet and legs… It’s been said by many massage professionals “Don’t push points on a pregnant woman’s ankles! You’ll start labor!” Honestly, I just don’t know about this one. Traditional Chinese Medicine? Reflexology? I really don’t know the origin of this. I can’t even tell you with certainty if it’s true or false. From my experience most people, pregnant or not, do not like it if I poke around on their ankle bones. It hurts and it’s awkward. Ankle-pushing just doesn’t happen during massage sessions given by me. Therefore, if you are pregnant and are worried about the pressure on your ankles, you can be certain I won’t push or poke on anything there. A simple glide-by with oil while I’m on my way to the bottom of your feet is what you’ll get! 🙂

“You can’t do deep tissue massage on pregnant people.”

I continue to see this debated on massage forums on a daily basis. First of all we need to determine what “deep tissue” means to you. Super-firm pressure? Localized work? Different techniques? Pregnant women may receive a firm pressure massage on certain areas of the body. Neck and shoulders killing you? Yes, I can “dig in” there if you wish. Hip and lower back pain can be really uncomfortable. There are several methods and techniques I can use to release muscle tension and relieve pressure on your lower back: at whatever pressure is comfortable to you.

I won’t massage your stomach*, pelvic or upper thigh region. With the increase in blood volume and the clotting abilities the inner thighs are usually avoided. Expectant mothers are at a higher risk of developing blood clots and the inner thighs are the most likely place for them to form. Therefore I avoid that area altogether unless you have a specific need to be addressed.

*A gentle tummy-rub to say hello to your baby I’m comfortable with if you are, some women like their belly rubbed, some don’t want anyone touching it. You’re the boss.

I try my best to provide comfort and relief to any and all clients who enter my treatment room. Safety is always my number one priority. If you have a question or concern keeping you from scheduling a massage please call me. We can discuss your issue and determine the safest way possible to help you.

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