Outlook Adjustment

Last evening we went to a Back to School swim party. That’s right, I said it, “Back to School.” The kids were jumping, squealing, laughing and almost bursting with excitement! Most of them hadn’t seen each other in months. This event turned my 6-year-old in a whole new direction. She wasn’t very excited to get back to school. She wants to see her friends but doesn’t want to wake up early. When people ask her if she’s ready to go back to school she usually answers, “not really.”

She’s singing a new tune after last night! Playing with the little girls in her class and seeing her favorite teachers was just the thing she needed to be ready to go. It’s all she can talk about! How many will be in her class? Who will she sit by? Will the classroom look the same? She is joyfully anticipating her school year!

Just like that her outlook changed. Do you need your outlook adjusted? Maybe you are stressed about a project at work. Maybe school is starting and your classroom isn’t ready yet. Could that nagging headache be making you irritable? Stress can be mental or physical. Or both.

Having a million and one thoughts and ideas fighting for attention in your head you are bound to be less productive. A massage session can help quiet those thoughts. It’s possible the “right” ideas will come forth in the quiet.

Stress can manifest in pain. If just thinking about a situation causes your shoulders and neck to hurt, you might need a little help. And by help I mean a step back. A break. Clear out your thoughts, get your muscles loose and recharge.

Sometimes all you need is a break to change your outlook. Book a massage soon, then see how you feel. When you peel away the irritability and pain things might not be so crazy. You can clear your thoughts and focus on the important things.You could change your outlook!

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