Mothers, the 3rd Part

Mothers of Young Children

Unlike pregnant mothers, who often feel like their motherhood draws too much attention to themselves, society tells mothers of young children that their role is all about their children first, second, and last. People don’t know your name anymore, you are simply “Jane’s mom.” Getting up in the middle of the night to change a leaking diaper? Chasing a toddler into the street? Taking time off work to care for a kindergartener with an ear infection? No matter, it’s not about you, mom. It’s about your kids. It seems once the baby/child arrives loved ones stop asking how YOU are doing.

 YOU are important.

It’s true, to a point. Who wouldn’t make sacrifices for their children? But one factor that can contribute to a healthy, happy childhood is a healthy, happy mother, and every person deserves to take steps towards their own well-being, mothers too!


Massage therapy can help the body rest and recuperate from the effects of a busy schedule, interrupted sleep, and the physical strain of lifting and interacting with growing children. It also provides precious time for moms to focus on their own needs, apart from the responsibilities of mothering. And for those mothers who find themselves dealing with the very real condition of postpartum depression, massage may also play a role (although far from the only one) in an appropriate treatment plan.

Most of the time a mother of young children isn’t going to make herself a massage appointment all on her own. She’s busy. She needs your help. Give her the opportunity to feel great. Buy the gift certificate. Take it a step farther and offer to watch the child/children for the appointment time. She will be overcome with appreciation!


If your loved one doesn’t want to get a massage there are other ways you can help her to get some precious recharging time. Offer to take care of  the young’ens while she goes for lunch, coffee, or a movie. Heck, maybe she just needs an extra long bath followed by an uninterrupted nap. Make it happen! The family deserves a happy mom!

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