Mothers Part 2, A Special Kind of Love

It’s almost May so we’re honoring Mothers! The last post highlighted the unique time in a woman’s life when she is pregnant with a child/children. Not all mothers become mothers in this way. There are thousands of women who take in and care for children who are in “the system” for whatever reason. They have a special kind of love. And countless parents adopt babies and children giving them a forever home.

Adoptive and Foster Mothers

Biological mothers typically get a nine-month period to prepare for parenthood. Foster and adoptive mothers might wait and wait for news … then find themselves parents of a tot or teen virtually overnight. Plenty of mothers juggle soccer practice with homework, but fewer have to add court dates and social worker visits to the mix. Not only can these realities place unusual stress on foster and adoptive moms, their uncommon nature means that it can also be harder to find much-needed understanding and support.


Massage can help manage this stress, for all members of the family. Symptoms of stress, such as headaches, high blood pressure, and anxiety, can all be alleviated by massage. And for children who come from backgrounds where touch was lacking (or inappropriate), pediatric massage can help them develop a healthy relationship with touch. When foster and adoptive mothers learn some of these techniques for themselves, it can also be a way for children and their new parents to bond.

Of course you could give the gift of massage to the special mother in your life, but if you don’t know or aren’t close to someone you could find ways to help the children another way. CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children, is a wonderful organization. Please visit their website to see how you could help local children.