May is for Mothers

*This is the first post in a series dedicated to Mothers of all kinds*

Whether you are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother, Mothers Day is time to honor those who’ve played this important role. Stepmothers, birthmothers, and godmothers too. While there are as many ways of being a mother as there are moms in the world, one thing is certain: it’s a tough job, but a rewarding one. I’m devoting this week to Mothers of every kind. The women in our lives who mean so much to us deserve to be loved, respected, helped, revered, and honored.

Expecting Mothers

Prenatal massage is a growing field, as training programs for massage therapists increase and old myths about massage during pregnancy fade. Massage can ease the aches and pains associated with increased weight, loosened ligaments, and shifts in center of gravity. There are all kinds of cushions and props that can help pregnant women relax comfortably on a massage table, no matter what their dimensions. I use the Oakworks Side-lying positioning system and 3 extra pillows.  Contrary to the old tale, massaging the feet, ankles, back, or even stomach will not cause miscarriage when done appropriately.

pregnancy massage (1)

Of course, massage therapy, while helpful, isn’t a cure-all. Massage can’t stop that nosy neighbor from touching your belly every time she stops by, or cravings for hot Cheetos and root beer at 2:00 AM. But it can alleviate some of the symptoms that naturally come with growing a new human being, leaving expectant mothers more free to focus on the hope and joy that make pregnancy such a fabulous stage of life.

Do you know someone who is expecting? Surprise her with a massage gift certificate or two (or three.) The time in the massage room will give her restorative rest and pain relief while helping to ease any anxiety she may be experiencing. Stop by or click here to buy a certificate online.


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