Lactic Acid Isn’t What You Think

When I went to massage school I was told on a daily basis, “Massage flushes lactic acid out of the muscles.” And I believed it without researching. And I repeated it for 7 years. Let’s face the facts. THIS IS WRONG.

There, I said. I was taught something that was incorrect, I repeated it to my clients for years and now I am trying to spread the word– Lactic Acid is Your Friend!

I came across this article in Runner’s World. And this one from the New York Times explains a lot about lactate. Take  a look! Spread the word! Lactic acid is NOT the cause of muscle soreness days after your workout. In fact, it leaves the muscle within hours of the workout.

Confessions always make me feel better 😉

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    1. I suppose it was something that has been “passed down.” I was heartbroken when I learned that I was taught so many incorrect things.

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