I Squeezed Out a Win!

I won a blogging contest! In late May/early June 2013 I submitted an article to a contest offered by MassageSchool.org. MassageSchool is website dedicated to helping massage students, massage therapists and massage consumers find useful information about massage therapy.

My article, Flatulence & Massage. It Happens, won first place out of 10 entries! You read that right, I wrote about gas. 🙂  The other 9 articles were FANTASTIC! Click over and read them!   I loved each article, especially the one in which Barry encourages every student and therapist to jump into the profession with both feet. The entry about the beauty of effleurage really made me stop and think about each session I perform.

The winner was decided by the most “social love.” The article with the most Facebook likes and shares, Twitter shares, and Google plus shares won. With over 1,000 I squeezed out a win! Here is a heartfelt “Thank you!” to each and every person who shared and like my piece. I am truly humbled and honored.  I hope you enjoy it!