How Do You Recharge?

After a long week of work, school activities, family obligations, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and everything else I need recharging time. For me this means being alone for a little while. My body and mind crave a little solitude now and then. One day that might mean a super long shower with loud music, while a different day I need an hour in my room with a book and no phone.

In these alone moments I’m able to rest my body, obviously, but I’m also able to rest my *self.* My self is the part of me that is me. Not the mom, not the wife, not the massage therapist. The woman who is Tracy. She loves to read. She loves music. And cats. And blowing bubbles with her child. She loves to laugh and hug and play. But she gets overwhelmed, much like all of you.

Zelda napping
Zelda napping

Allowing my self to recharge improves my quality of life. Refueling helps me to be better. I don’t like getting cranky when things get hectic, because most of the things going on making my life hectic aren’t bad things, just normal life. And life should be full of fun, happy moments even during hectic times.

I know people who run to recharge. Lacing up their running shoes, plugging in their favorite songs, and breathing with the rhythm of their pace is their fuel. The one thing a woman wanted for her birthday was to be able to run until she decided to stop. Just run, with no time restraints or jobs to do for that period of time. And she was happy when she returned home.

Music and other art are great outlets for expressions of self, too. Whether it’s making music or listening to music, the sounds of instruments and voices often transforms us to another time or place. Some meditate this way.

Do you create things? Painting, sculpting, gluing, writing, composing.

My way of recharging may not be right for you. The best way to recharge your self is your way. It could be running a half-marathon or sitting for a marathon TV series viewing. Neither is right or wrong, just do what’s best for your self.

How do you recharge your self? What takes you away from it all only to bring you back to make it better?