Getting Started Again

Kicking a habit isn’t always a good thing. Sure, quitting smoking is probably one of the best things you could do for your life, but I’m not talking about smoking. I mean those times when life (good or bad) gets in the way of doing things we like, or even love. Evening walks become a ritual for good health, family time, and stress relief. But then it rains for a week. Or a school project takes up too much time. Some how you stop going walking. And then you feel guilty. You look at your shoes by the door, your favorite walking shoes bought just for those special evening walks. Then you feel bad again, so bad you just put the shoes in the closet and turn on the TV.

That’s exactly how I feel about neglecting this blog. I love to write! I enjoy learning about new things to share with you. But I haven’t been writing. Always a priority, somehow writing for my clients got pushed down on my list of things to do. Nothing tragic has happened in the family so please don’t worry about that. Responsibilities outside of work just come up sometimes. Attention needs to be paid to get other things accomplished. I’m trying to lift myself up to begin writing again rather than guilt myself more.

The sky is the limit
The sky is the limit

That’s my message to you, too. Stop beating yourself up for letting something go for awhile. Choose a day on the calendar, lace those comfortable shoes up and put your feet on the street! Start by taking one walk. You’ll feel great. Haven’t been to yoga in weeks? Next week is the perfect week to go back. There’s a great class here in Paris at Barnhill Studios on Mondays and Wednesdays with Jennifer. You can find her Facebook page here.

Maybe you read for leisure but haven’t picked up a book in months. Look over on the shelf, close your eyes then pick one! Open it up and commit to finishing the first chapter. Once you hit that milestone your guilt will have burned away and you’ll be long gone into another world.

Doing things for yourself is important for your well-being. You might have fewer grumpy days if your hobby is allowed special time. Hobbies are indeed a form of stress relief. It isn’t all massage or spa days. Find an enjoyable thing to do and do it. And don’t beat yourself up if you gave it up for awhile. There’s always a great time to start again.

PS: I am very proud to say I have started reading for leisure again. I’ve spent much of the last several years only reading things related to massage, business, or ethics. I’ve missed travelling into other lives and imagining every little detail described on the pages.

What’s your favorite hobby or fun thing to do?