In a world in which we work side-by-side for hours on end,  why has it been days since our last hug?

In a time when our family is all under one roof, why aren’t we holding someone’s hand?

When words aren’t enough to extend comfort to a hurting friend, why don’t we share an embrace?

While our children melt down during homework, why don’t we wrap an arm around their shoulder?

Why are we reluctant to reach out to those we care about?

We hold our babies tight to our chest day in and day out because we know they need it. Did you know we need it as teens, too? And young adults, parents and grandparents?

Children feel more than love with regular hugging. They feel safe, secure, capable, confident and calm. They could experience less anxiety and fear. We need that as adults, as well.

We often think about and give gifts during December. Why don’t we add to the material gifts we buy and add a few things into our daily routine.

Remember all the bedtime and morning hugs with our toddler/preschool aged children? They wanted one more hug, one more story. Let’s offer our teen one extra hug good night every night. (Don’t force it, offer it)

Let’s send our kids off to school with hugs and kisses. Let’s greet them at home with high-fives and hugs.

Homework time is when they need us the most. Arguing over homework will drain us all. Let’s try calm voices and a steady hand on their back. Tears welling up in their eyes? Offer a hug before pushing them on. (Hint: this will calm us down as well as them!)

Let’s hold hands with our family as we watch our favorite shows. Teen doesn’t want to watch? Let’s invite them to join us with their electronic device. We can sit next to them and extend a hand.

Let’s hug our best friend when we see them next. Or at least offer a two-handed hand shake.

We rush around every day in order to get things done so let’s slow down at home. Let’s leave the supper dishes to play with the children. Let’s put off the laundry to go visit the grandparents/aunt/uncle who would be surprised by a hug.

Let us hold hands at dinner, hug during homework and embrace as we separate for the day. Let us hug our family to give them confidence to get through the day.