Doing Nothing is Awesome Sometimes

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about how I get a little *down* time every day:

I stop working around the house when my daughter goes to bed.

Dishes in the sink? The food is rinsed off so I leave them. Don’t get me wrong, we clean the kitchen every evening after supper. But there are some days that are hectic, visitors stay late or we have dessert so I just let it be until the next day.

Clothes in the dryer? I know for a fact that those clothes will still be there the next morning! Why stand more when I could sit down and relax? I go and go all day long. I work at work and I work at home so, yes, I’ll leave laundry unfolded.

My body needs rest.

My brain needs rest. Unless there is something important I need to prepare for the next day I just stop after we put her to bed. Do I get on the computer? Yes. Sometimes I work, write, market and do business stuff. Sometimes I peruse Facebook and Twitter until my eyes cross! Other nights we log into Netflix and watch something.

But we rest our bodies! Rest is very important for your body. You deserve to chill out after putting in long days of living life. I hear from people who stay up half the night hanging up clothes, mopping, vacuuming, etc. Why put yourself through that? You deserve a little down time each day, you really do. Plus, you’ll fall asleep faster and have a better quality sleep if you have some time to unwind before bed. 

Right this minute my living room looks like cat toy heaven. Our couch pillows are strewn about as if a 6-year-old has been here all day. (She has.) The dishes are clean but the floor hasn’t been swept. The dryer is almost finished with no plans of being emptied tonight. We worked all day cleaning other rooms, playing, cooking, shopping and anything else that came up. We did the bedtime routine and now I’m sitting on the loveseat typing the final words to this entry hoping you’ll see that doing nothing is awesome sometimes.

Doing nothing is awesome sometimes! I know I said that twice but I think we all need to hear it more often. I’m going to spell-check this, hit publish, share it a few times and then shut down. I’ve got re-runs to watch and a late-night milkshake to drink! Now sit down put your feet up 🙂

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