Do You Ignore Pain?

Picture it. You’re at work with the clock ticking on a deadline. While on a roll, you wish you could take a little break. The nagging sensation in your lower back is begging you to stop for a few minutes. You keep working. Pushing the uncomfortable twinge to the back of your mind, you instead focus on finishing the task at hand. You may move a little differently, but you do not stop.

Sweat starts to form on your face. Your semi-resting facial muscles slowly form into a grimace. Almost finished. Just a few more minutes/tasks.

And, done.

How often does this happen to you? If not your lower back, is it your shoulder? Knee? Neck? When you finish your work does the “uncomfortable” now resemble pain? Are you used to feeling this way?

Ignoring pain is common. You are taught to push through, finish the task at hand, and ignore the pain. “Pain is weakness.” WRONG. Pain is a warning from your body to stop or slow down. Pain is a sign of a potential problem. It could be as simple as a muscle spasm or as important as a fracture or other injury.

How often to you listen to your body?

When you need to go to the bathroom, you go, right? Why not rest for a minute when the pain hits? Can’t take a long break? Have you adjusted the way you are standing/sitting/walking/lifting? Often times changing your position will help you get through your work.

It’s important to remember to listen to your body. Rest is as important as work. Rest helps accomplish better quality work. Rest contributes to more enjoyable down time. Rest, y’all, rest.

Naps and frequent days off aren’t the answer, but listening to your body helps. Slow down when your body suggests it. Hydrate when you know you should. Lighten your load to protect your back and knees. Be reasonable with your time and expectations. Your body is important! It depends on you to listen 🙂

Regular massage can improve certain painful symptoms. Light exercise as advised by your doctor can do great things to help eliminate pain. What can you do for yourself today?