Declutter Your Head

Every surface of my home is covered in  clutter. Mail, toys, cups, random papers, batteries, SO MUCH RANDOM STUFF. We need to declutter because all the mess makes me crazy!

My head feels this way much of the time, too. Prep this, what about that, did you write that down, call so-and-so, pick up this, send that picture, text her, forward information to him, record show, go to the bank, mail the package, pay the bill, file the receipts, and so onnnnnnnnnn.

Familiar? Especially at 3 am after waking for a bathroom break. The wee hours seems to be the perfect time for my brain to solve the problems of the world. It is exhausting!

Bring your mind clutter to The Comfort Zone Massage. Drop your busy thoughts outside the door. Get comfy on the massage table. Zen out with your favorite music. Chat or doze, it’s up to you. Allow your brain to respond to relaxing touch and feel your thoughts slow down. You may sleep. You may snore. You may drool.

One by one, minute by minute, your brain will stop the random barrage of thoughts into order and peace. You may not forget everything, but everything won’t feel like priority number one. You’ll be able to focus better on your tasks. Rest a bit. Declutter your head with massage therapy.