The Feel-Good Lottery

-Or a practical way to set up a maintenance massage schedule-

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I just saw a sign that the Powerball Lottery is around 300 million dollars.  Great curse-words!   That’s a pile of moo-lah!   All my life I’ve heard people talk about what they would do if they won the lottery.  Sometimes we will buy two tickets and spend a couple of days dreaming of having all the money in the world.  🙂   It’s a long shot, but it makes for great conversations!  If I had a boat-load of money I would build a women’s health center, complete with Certified Nurse Midwives, a Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Cancer Specialist, Dermatology, and a full service Therapy Spa.  Maybe more, maybe less, but something to meet the needs of women in my rural area. And these services would be available to lower-income women, as well.  Of course, a new house and some travelling with the family are given.  😉

I hear from people all the time, “If I won the lottery I would get a massage every day!”  Maybe you can’t get a massage every day, but it IS possible to plan for every 3 weeks, or even one every 5 weeks.  The benefits you can get from regular massage can make your body feel like it has won the “Feel-good” lottery.  Computer desk warriors have extremely tight shoulder muscles.  I work with a few who tell me that since they get regular massages (about once a month) their shoulders actually hurt less.  Instead of hurting every day all day, their shoulders may not hurt for a whole week and then gradually become sore and painful before their next appointment.  The more regular the massage the less pain in the shoulders (usually).  Lower back pain often gets better with frequent massage sessions.
Hurting less and sleeping better are two very good reasons to spend the money on regular massage.   A routine massage schedule is a fantastic way to relieve your aches and pains.  Maybe you even take fewer pain relievers.

Relaxation Massage

Massage costs money.  But money spent on improving your quality of life is like investing in yourself and your happiness.  You could even be increasing your earning potential if you are able to work  BETTER.  At The Comfort Zone Massage an hour session is$55. Setting back $10 a week yields you a massage every 5 weeks.  That is about once a month.  That is a great maintenance routine to set up for your mind and body!  Or try $10 a week for 3 weeks and get a half-hour massage every 3rd week.  Not too bad when you break it down by the week.

We can talk about your massage needs and work out  a treatment plan.  We can determine how often you want massage and how much you want to spend.

Tell me, what would you do with $300 million?

A Headache Named Muscle Tension

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Once upon a time there was a headache named Muscle Tension.

He is a nasty pain in the neck!

The headache, Muscle Tension, slowly takes over the shoulders and neck.   He holds on to the back of the neck and head like a VICE GRIP!  It hurts so badly the eyeballs feel like they might pop out.

Oh, it hurts, it hurts!  HELP!  Is there anything that can help this Muscle Tension Headache that is attacking?!

Look, there on the horizon!  Who is that approaching?  What is that scent she carries with her?  The music she brings is so soothing…

Is she a crime-fighter?  Is  she a super woman?  (Gasp!)  She’s* a Licensed Massage Therapist!  She brings capable hands, soothing aromatherapy, soft music, and a plan to stop the pain.

Gentle hands can be powerful

She begins her attack on the Muscle Tension Headache by gently massaging the shoulder muscles.  She grips  firmly while gently kneading in a slow rhythm.  The back of the neck gets squeezed a bit.

One shoulder at a time the Massage Therapist works on the muscle groups section by section, layer by layer.  Sometimes the pressure is moderate, sometimes the pressure is deep.  After each shoulder has been thoroughly worked, the Massage Therapist addresses the neck.  She works from the shoulder area up through the neck to the base of the skull.

A thorough scalp massage is the “finisher” weapon to fight this headache. The scalp is tight and the muscle tension headache could hold its grip for days.

The Licensed Massage Therapist fights this Tension Headache with her bare hands!  Headache runs for his life!  He tries to hold onto the shoulders but he’s no match for her.  The Muscle Tension Headache is hurled into the great beyond told never to return again.  (Insert screaming “noooooo” here.)

{triumphant music here}

And they lived happily ever after 🙂

I fight those headaches every day at The Comfort Zone Massage. Schedule a massage appointment and we can work together put an end to your Muscle Tension Headache story.

Massage Mouth

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-Or the language of the massage coma-

One of the things I love about being a Massage Therapist is helping people to feel great.  People say funny, nice and weird  things when they’ve had a fantastic massage session.  Here are some of my favorites in no particular order. 🙂

*(Groan……) It’s not over yet, is it?!


*Don’t ever move away!

*You are my new best friend!

*When you push on my shoulder like that I feel it in my toes!

*You make my muscles feel like mush.

*I don’t think I even remember my own name!

*You’re going to have to pry me off this table.

*I don’t want to get up!

*Sorry, I think I tooted just now.

*Whoa! I put my shirt on backwards!

*I slept through the night after my last massage.  I haven’t done that in two months.

*My fingers don’t tingle at night anymore.

*I’m not sure, but I think you just rocked my world.


*Can we start over?

*I wish I could get a massage every day!

*Who massages you?

*HOW do you know where push??

*How does a girl that small have  such strong hands?!

*Can I take you home?

*(Groan, sigh, smile….)

Pregnant Pause

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The last two weeks I have had the honor of working with a few expectant mothers.  Two are somewhere in the middle of their terms and two are in the very last days of pregnancy.  Excitement overcomes me as I work on these women.  In a very short time each will get to meet her sweet baby.

I am truly honored to be able to work with  them.  Lower back pain, shoulder pain, and headaches seem to be their main issues.  Sometimes we talk and sometimes I work in silence, but there always seems to be an essence in the room with us.  It’s like there is a big ball of “something”, maybe it is the nervous energy?  The anticipation?  There are so many emotions sharing a body with the mother and baby.   Excitement, joy, impatience, longing, happiness, worry, fear, exhaustion, and probably a million more feelings are experienced in any given moment.   I try to make my place a safe place for all of these feelings.  Sometimes we don’t want everyone to know that we might be worried about labor and delivery.   We might not want everyone to think we look weak or small.  After all, “women have been doing this since the beginning of time.”  When I hear of someone telling one of my mothers this I like to comfort them, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say.  I tell them that, yes, women have been having babies since the beginning of time. Yes, our body was made for this.  But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t scary. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel worried about things.

In the Comfort Zone there is room for worry.  I provide quiet support.  In The Comfort Zone there are tissues for tears.  I buy the good kind with lotion on them.  I provide quiet support.  In The Comfort Zone I get to hear the questions that you don’t want to ask anyone else.  I listen intently and give down-to-Earth answers.  More so there are conversations about after the baby is born.  “I can’t wait to hold her!”  “We have her crib in our room so she will be close to us!”  “Our friends have given us so many diapers!”  “Does the poop really stink that bad?” “I hope she sleeps well.”

You may be as happy as you can be, or as scared as you don’t want to be, I will lay my hands on your back and shoulders.  I will comfort you.  I will let you be ‘you’ for a little while.  And we’ll laugh, I promise!  You may even fall asleep for a little while!

Get to Know Me

Fantastic instructions on how to schedule an appointment.

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Hi, I’m Tracy Bradley, Licensed Massage Therapist at The Comfort Zone Massage in Paris, Arkansas.

I want to make it easy for you to get an appointment.  You may call, text, email me, send a  Facebook message, or book online.  That’s 5 easy ways to find the perfect time to get a massage.  If you’ve never met me and want to talk, give me a ring, I love to chat!  You can also visit my website to read about each service that I provide.  There is a page to tell you about me and I include a picture.  If you follow my business on Facebook you will see pictures, ideas, interesting articles and openings.  You’ll get an idea of “who I am.”

Proud member of the ASMTA!
Proud member of the ASMTA!

Online Scheduling is new to my business. Let me tell you how easy it is!  I went through the process to see if scheduling a massage appointment was easy or difficult.   SIMPLE.  It was so easy!

Step 1:  Go to my website or click this link –>

Step 2:  Click “Schedule Appointment” at the top of the page.

Step 3:  Choose a Service

Step 4:  Choose the day/time perfect for you.

Step 5:  Enter your name, phone number and email.

Step 6:  Click “Schedule Appointment”

That’s it.  You will receive an email saying I have received your appointment request.  I get a text and an email.  In the email I get the option of accepting or declining the appointment.  You then receive an email when I accept it.  Easy.  Quick.

I am easy to talk to.  I call people back.  I even call you back if you don’t leave a message.  I return texts and emails.  I want you to get to know me on my website, blog and Facebook.  And I want to get to know you!  Which is better for you? Phone calls, text, or online?  Please, find me on Facebook and check out the website.  Is my contact information easy for you to find?  Is it easy for you to find me? Go ahead, book an appointment while you’re there!


Have you been watching the Olympics?  We have been watching in the evenings.  I enjoy watching all of the athletes who represent the USA.  I must confess to shedding a  few tears during some of the performances of The National Anthem.  The pageantry, the pride, the structure, I love all of it!

But I get distracted.  All. Those.  MUSCLES!   Muscles are everywhere!   When I was a kid I would watch the gymnastics.  I loved the outfits.  I couldn’t tell you what color anyone’s uniforms are this year.  But the muscles, my eyes have been glued to the muscles!  I touch, rub, and knead muscles all day every day.  But I’ve never seen muscles like these in real life.

During the diving and gymnastics the legs grab my attention.  It takes POWER to execute those moves.  Watching theses athletes is like watching anatomy truly in motion.  I am amazed every time I see a set of thighs and hamstrings catapult someone through the air. AMAZED.

The swimmers’ arms fascinate me.  I work on a lot of shoulders. Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, tight shoulders.  I am not accustomed to seeing shoulders that move so freely!  Did you see Michael Phelps flop his arms around waiting to start his race?!  I think I would lose my hand if I tried to access his subscapularis!  AMAZING.

These athletes are powerful, dedicated, beautiful specimens of the human body.    As they perform their different events, I imagine which muscles are moving and how they are moving.  I literally get lost in the muscles.  I even think about what treatment they might need after an event.  What could I do to help them?

When I ask you, “What do you do?”  or “Where do you work?”  it is because I try to imagine your actions all day.  What do your muscles do to keep you moving?  What muscles help you achieve your work?  What actions do your muscles do day in and day out?  How can I help them?  How can I help YOU?

Musical Magic

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Music is essential in my massage therapy room.  I simply cannot administer a fantastic massage without music.  (I think I probably could, I just don’t like it.)  I use the typical “spa” music.  The melodies are quite enchanting 🙂

When I receive a massage I like the music that contains ocean waves in between the songs.  And rain sounds, a gentle thunderstorm. Lately I have been so focused on growing my business, improving customer service, and thinking of new ways to make my sessions better that I have neglected to grow my music library.  I hear the same music all day long.

I would like to add to my music library, but I would LOVE to have your input.  You.  The people who spend time in my therapy room. You pay money to be there, what would you like to hear?  I have grand ideas of a vast music selection and giving you, the clients, a choice. “Would you like to listen to Bob Marley today?”  “Your Rainforest Thunderstorm sounds are queued up just for you!”  Maybe the sounds of Jimmy Buffet get you dreaming about the beach?  Does that make sense?

I guess what I’m asking is  What kind of sounds or music would you like to hear while receiving massage?  After 9 years of spa music, I’m up for suggestions.  I would listen to something different every time!  I want each massage session to the best one you have ever had.  If I can change the music, I will.  If I can give you options, I want to.  If you want spa music and nature sounds, perfect, I’ll go shopping.  🙂

I’ve used spa music for so long that I assumed that was the only thing I could use.  I read an article the other day about a spa somewhere advertising rock and roll music.   Hey, if it’s your favorite, why not?

Help me out here!  Tell me what you like to hear during a massage.  Let me improve your experience if it isn’t just what you want!

PS.  My Massage Therapist/Blogger/Advice-Giver/Friend Allissa told me about a website that rewards you with a picture of a cute kitten for every 100 words you write.  I.Love.It. full of some cuteness! I draft my blog posts there now.  And my gratitude journal.

My Down Time

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It’s Monday!  Most of the time that means that it’s my day off work. Which, of course, translates into banking, paperwork, writing, reading, laundry, housework, business-work, and all things mom-related.  Some days are busier than others.  Often, my Mondays are devoted to business-building or financial work.  Nevertheless, I usually end up doing laundry. (Will it ever end?!)

Since school is still on summer break my Mondays have actually been “true” days “off work.”  All three of us are home!  Today, I have spent my day off mostly in my pajamas!  (I’ve had a shower and been to town, I just changed back to be comfy.)  My five-year-old has pretty much led our day in pretend play.  I love it!  My brain has been needing a little break and following her lead is fun way to accomplish that!

So far today I have taken my pretend-kitty to the pretend-vet, watched Olympic diving, read a library book, danced around the living room, and I *may* have unveiled my old Karate Gi and practiced a little Gung Fu with my daughter.  It’s quite liberating to dance like a crazy lady and then giggle uncontrollably!

Do you ever get days off?  How do you like to spend your down time?  I plan on enjoying the rest of the day/evening with my daughter. What might we do, you ask?  Supper, coloring books, puzzles, massages, and reading.  And whatever else she might dream up!

Down time is important.  It isn’t always easy to find it, but if you can schedule it or discover it by accident, you should enjoy it.  Take advantage, even if it’s only 10 minutes.  Recharging your batteries often is a lot better than crashing and burning!

PS. Downtime is my specialty!  Visit to see the different ways you can relax with massage 🙂

Why Should You Get a Massage This Week?

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Why should you get a massage this week?

1.  I have a few openings 🙂

2.  A half-hour massage is like a super-charged power nap.  You get to rest for 30 minutes AND get your neck, shoulders and feet rubbed.

3.  You battled massive, cranky school-shopping crowds in order to save the sales tax.  Let’s face it, even though you saved a bundle, scored some deals, and made it through alive, an hour vacation from people just sounds AWESOME.

4.  You’ve been working in the yard or garden and your legs hurt.

5.  Hot towels nestled atop your shoulder muscles for a bit feels AMAZING.

6.  A ninety minute massage can melt your stress, make you  drool, work out your muscle knots, stretch your muscles, relax your mind, recharge your batteries and renew your spirit.

7.  Massage feels good.  Especially on the scalp.  And neck.

There you have it!  7 good reasons you should get a massage this week.  There are many more reasons, but I need something to write about later 😉

Choose a reason and schedule an appointment!

Love and Hugs

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I am a massage therapist.  I talk A LOT about massage every day.  I think about it, I read about it,  I talk about it, I practice it.  I touch people.  Healthy, nurturing touch, in my opinion, is one of the most essential basic needs that humans must have to thrive.  Tiny babies come into the world needing to be held, needing to be touched, needing to be nurtured and fed.  Nature’s way of feeding babies involves skin-to-skin contact.  We want to hug and snuggle our toddlers and small children.  We wish our teenagers would hug us more often.  We wish our hugs could fix our teenager’s “problems”.  When we fall in love we lavish attention upon each other.   Couples hold hands, hug, kiss, sit arm-in-arm, and sleep close together.

We crave healthy touch.  We need to feel loved, secure, happy, and not alone.  I am attending a wedding today.  The bride and groom are well past seventy years of age.  Each has been married before.  The groom was married for more than 50 years to the same woman. He cared for her when she was sick.  From what I understand he never left her side, except for work.  They lived a happy, committed married life.  The bride started a life and family with her first husband, only to lose him to cancer at the young age of 38.  She worked, raised children and cared for him when he was sick.  She went on to marry again.  They were married for 29 years, committed and devoted to each other.  He suffered poor health and she never left his side.  She loved and cared for him, as his wife and care-giver.

I am honored to attend this union.  I enjoy seeing the hand-holding, the hugs, and the smiles.  I’ve heard laughing that I haven’t heard in a while.  I see joy.  I see the human connection that we all crave, need and deserve.  I am happy to know that these two people will not have to spend another night alone, wishing for a hand to hold, or searching for a kiss good-night.  Their lives will be enhanced by companionship, their sorrow soothed with hugs, and their future filled with laughter and joy.

As I think about these two people and the benefits of healthy, nurturing touch added to their lives, I look to my own life.  I think I will give my 5-year-old some extra hugs, and hold my husband’s hand while we watch TV.