Between the Sheets

I’m 90’s girl so I’ve always been infatuated with flannel. I wore flannel shirts every day for about 4 years. No lie. The grunge movement was AWESOME with combat boots, belly shirts and flannel! We looked scruffy and dirty and unkempt but we were cloaked in the softness that is an old flannel shirt.

So, of course, I chose flannel massage sheets. Hello?! Warm, soft and cuddly sheets from head to toe? What’s not to love? For 10 years my relationship with flannel sheets went unruffled. I couldn’t be talked out of them. No client complaints and the price was right.

You could say I was a flannel snob. I wouldn’t even consider trying anything different. I would read online discussions about which was better flannel, microfiber, poly/cotton or bamboo. If someone said that bamboo sheets felt like velvet chocolate I would roll my eyes and think, “Humph, I’m never using anything but flannel. Are these people crazy?”

Ten years this went on. Oh, as the years went by I would consider the opinions when it was sheet-buying time. But I could never actually purchase anything other than flannel. And then I came across a sale at a big store. Microfiber twin sheet sets for under $10. The whole set: top, bottom, pillow case. I thought, “Eh, I’ll grab two and try them.”

Extremely nervous about using them for a massage client for the first time, I could hardly wait to ask her how she liked them. As soon as I walked in she said, “I love these new sheets! So soft!” Whew! I relaxed quite a bit after that. They are a slick kind of soft. Satiny smooth with no wrinkles. They aren’t as thick as flannel so I put a light blanket on top that adds a bit of soft security. Very cozy.

Bonus for me: I could fit more in the washing machine and more sets on my sheet shelf. Awesome. I went the next weekend and bought 6 more sets.

Bonus for you: The more I wash these sheets the more they don’t change. With the flannel sheets the softness goes away after so much laundering. And they develop these rough fuzz balls. When I held one in each hand the flannel felt like sandpaper! So I primarily use the microfiber sheets now. I periodically ask which clients prefer. I always have flannel sheets on hand for your preference. I plan to buy a few more flannel sets to use during the winter, too.

So which do you like: flannel or microfiber? Or something different?

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