Benefits of Massage

I spend  a great deal of time talking about massage therapy, writing about it, reading about it and thinking about it. I take for granted that there are many people who only think about massage when they go on vacation or if they are hurting. The whole purpose of this website and my blog is to tell you about massage therapy. So let’s get down to the point.

How can massage therapy help ME? (You)

  • Massage can aid in reducing the symptoms of depression. In fact, this is an approved statement from the American Massage Therapy Association. (Read full statement here.)
  • Research shows that massage can be more effective than drugs for certain types of lower back pain. I wrote a little about that here.
  • Tension headaches can often be relieved and prevented with regular massage therapy.
  • Pregnancy massage is awesome. A woman’s body often can’t escape discomfort while carrying a child. Massage can help with that. You can read more about that here. And here.
  • Stressed much? My clients tell me that their weekly/monthly massage sessions make them feel so much better. It’s a great way to calm the million and one thoughts flying through your head.
  • Shoulder and neck pain can be greatly reduced with regular massage.
  • Massage can improve sleep habits.
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  • It’s an awesome mood enhancer. Plus it’s natural and you probably won’t get a hangover the next morning 😉
  • Massage can be one of many tools used in a fibromyalgia treatment plan. Another approved statement from the AMTA.
  • Several clients tell me their dry skin has improved since they started getting monthly massage.
  • There are many more benefits of massage therapy to add to this list.

Why are you looking for massage? Leave a comment, drop an e-mail or call me and we can discuss your questions.

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