Whew! This past school year blew right along, am I right? May was jam packed with field trips, programs, tests, activities, and awards. Boom. It’s over. What do you do during summer school break?

This summer I am working part time and spending the rest with my children. My 11yo daughter and I will be appearing in a play produced by our local library. So far, rehearsals have been fun! I love spending this creative time with her.

My 3yo wants only sticks and dirt. It’s a good thing our yard has plenty!

Besides play time, I want to have a little me time during my summer. How will I do this since I will never be alone? Watch me!

  • Reading. I have always loved reading. I shall dive into other worlds this summer, most especially Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My daughter and I just started the 6th book! I also have a list of books to get through this year. Usually one on my phone and two in my hand works best.
  • Naps. I solemnly swear to take a few naps each week.
  • Spa. My good friend, Sherel, is a talented new esthetician in Paris. I shall connect with her for at least one spa facial treatment. Rub my face, please!

What’s your summer plan?

Mental Health Day

“I’m taking a mental health day!”

How many times have we heard this? Usually, one says it when he/she needs a day off but isn’t sick, doesn’t have a doctor’s appointment, or needs rest or recreation. Do you think Mental Health Days are vital to life?

I say YES! Today is my official Mental Health Day, but I actually have a doctor’s appointment. I have depression and anxiety. I spent years hiding from it and coping in “OK” ways, but eventually needed to get help to function. My health care provider and I work together and communicate semi-frequently in order to be sure my quality of life is as good as it can be.

On my way to the doctor

Today I discussed with my health care provider:

  • Sleep
  • Eating habits
  • Nutrition
  • Work
  • Family
  • Recreation
  • Spiritual Life
  • Exercise
  • Blood Work
  • Medicine Check-in
  • Family Support
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Quality of Life

I encourage you to take your own Mental Health Day. Evaluate your quality of life. Find out if there are ways to improve your health, both physical and mental.Β  Your body will thank you!


Get a Gradual Glow

Do you like the sun-kissed look, but not have time to lounge in the sun? Do you want a gentle glow without the dangers of UV rays? I’ve got you covered! The Comfort Zone Massage now offers a new service, Gradual Glow Treatment. You get a full-body dry exfoliation and an application of Fake It Til You Make It Gradual Self-Tanner from Perfectly Posh. Bonus! You take the tube home to finish πŸ™‚

Shea butter, sweet almond oil, and safflower oil are whipped together with a few other things to make a body creme. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA. Fake It smells like hazelnut coffee creamer, not baked skin πŸ˜‰ You don’t turn orange. Streaks are easy to avoid.

Gradual means you apply it a few times a week as it tints your skin with a sun-kissed glow. Either book an appointment with me to get your first application or click here to have one shipped to your home.

Hint: excellent for use before prom, weddings, formals, semi-formals, fundraisers, cheer competitions, and more.


Resolve: v.Β decide firmly on a course of action.

January 1st brings out the hope in people. I hope to save money. I hope to lose weight. I hope to get fit. I hope to get organized. I hope to read more. And so on. The truth is, the resolutions are often difficult to keep. Sometimes we set the bar too high. Other times we try to change too much at once and set ourselves up for failure.

I’m not saying don’t make resolutions. I’m saying make them manageable.

Multitudes of people resolve to exercise daily at the start of the new year. Gym memberships are purchased, shoes bought and broken in, and playlists created for the ultimate workout mood. These are great beginnings!

What’s missing?Β 

The rest. The recovery. The hobby. The joy. The fun.

What else could you add to your resolution list besides exercise?

  • Phone-free time
  • Weekend naps
  • Time for a hobby you enjoy
  • New recipes
  • Date nights
  • Family dates
  • Massage therapy
  • Potluck with friends
  • Movie night

Add something to your resolution list that ISN’T hard work. You need and deserve fun. And rest.

When you begin a new or more strenuous workout regimen, your body will get sore. You need to incorporate a few healthy ways to enhance recovery time in order to reap the full benefit of your workout and reduce injury.

Regular massage is an excellent way to recover during your newly resolved workout! Your muscles could get micro-tears from over-use. Massage aids in the recovery and soreness. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a real and inconvenient side effect of exercise. Proper hydration, rest, and massage treats your muscles to exactly what they need: restoration.

Schedule online or call and we will create a massage regimen tailored to your workout and schedule.

Happy New Year!

When the Cold Makes You Hurt

Winter is upon us and our bodies are aching πŸ™Β  Are you afflicted by weather related body aches? Does it feel like your joints need oiled? ——> ME TOO.

Here are a few ways to ease cold weather discomfort:

  • Hot bath or shower
    • Try adding your favorite bath salts or bath bombs for extra comfort
  • Heat packs (heated towel, heating pad, rice pillow)
  • Gentle movement
  • Therapeutic Massage with hot packs (I know where you can get this!)

Your massage session will be filled with warmth and caring touch to soothe your cold, aching muscles. When you’re ready to schedule, call or schedule online. Your body will thank you with a better night’s sleep.

The Lunch Hour

Work, school, sports, social media, errands, blah blah blah. No time. NO TIME FOR NUTHIN’! “I don’t have time to shower every day, how can I get a massage?”


Schedule 30 minutes to work on your back, neck, and shoulders. I won’t get goop in your hair. We can listen to pop music or show tunes so you won’t get sleepy. We will loosen up your neck and lighten your mood!

Are you ready?

Soothing heat nestles the head and neck

What Can I Do For My Headache?

Hey, it’s me, the Headache Lady. I have more words about headaches! Let’s chat about relieving the pesky buggers.

I don’t have time to get a massage right now, what can I do to relieve my head pain?

Your first course of action should be self head/face massage. Follow these instructions or use your hands and fingers to caress your face and scalp in any way that feels good.

Grab a Skin Stick to apply to your temples and neck. Perfectly Posh blends shea butter, bees wax, and essential oils for handy combinations to help with all sorts of annoying symptoms. The Perk! stick utilizes the headache-relieving properties of peppermint essential oil. The stick is diluted and perfectly blended, no need for mixing. Simply apply to your temples or neck where you can easily inhale the crisp peppermint.

The Just Chillin’ giant muscle skin stick can also be used on your temples for headaches. Peppermint, menthol. and aloe blend for a gentle, cooling sensation for your muscles. Apply to your neck and massage in gently or vigorously. Try it on your temples, too.

After the self massage and skin stick, if you have the time and space to take a nap, I highly recommend trying. If you are working this may not be a viable choice, but maybe you can close your eyes or do something away from the computer for a few minutes.

Step outside for a breath of fresh air. (Unless it’s allergy season and you are terribly afflicted!)

Get moving. Sometimes my head hurts SO BAD all I want to do is lie down and it doesn’t help! I will get up to do a household chore and realize the vacuuming or sweeping helped my head. Pain reduced. Hmm. I don’t know the why but it works. Walk around and get your blood moving.

Apply either heat or cold to your eyes or neck. You will know which one will work for you when you try it. One time heat will feel amazing, the next you may need cold. Trial and error.

What are your tried and true ways to fight headaches?

Why Do I Talk About Headaches Frequently?

Why Do I Talk About Headaches Frequently?

Headaches are sneaky little beasts who disrupt your work, play, sleep, and moods. I’m certain you have a few choice words to describe your most recent headache! Head, neck, and shoulder pain are the number one complaints I see. Here is yet another blog post to help with your head pain πŸ™‚

What Kind of Headache Do You Have?

Muscle tension headaches are the most common type to affect people. Tension headaches are often confused with stress, as in, “I am not stressed so I don’t know why my head hurts.” Tension doesn’t always mean emotional stress. The tension that is your muscles pulling on your skull causes your headache. These dudes hurt! Have you ever found yourself thinking you have a neck headache? Yep. Muscle tension. Massage can help.

You can also apply heat to your sore spots to help with the head pain. The Hot Pepper SheBang Skin Stick can also help tension while you’re on the go. Rub a bit on your shoulder or neck to ease the tightness. Apply a warm/hot cloth to enhance the heat. Squeeze your upper shoulders with your hands for a minute or two. Stretch, roll your shoulders, rotate your head, and caress your scalp to help eliminate discomfort.

Migraine headaches are a bit tricky. You could crave the soothing touch of a massage or it could make it worse. I leave that up to you. YOU know what helps when you’re in the throes of a migraine. Good news, though, regular massage therapy *could* reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. Check my schedule against yours here to get in for a session.

A sinus headache is another tricky beast to handle. A well-applied face massage can help dim the pressure inside your sinus cavities. Or it can do nothing. Ha! Helpful, I know! Try sitting at a table or desk and resting your face onto your fingers while your elbows are on the table. Experiment with how hard you press. You could get a few minutes of relief!

The Just Chillin’ Skin Stick is designed to be cooling for tight muscles, but the menthol and cooling effect can also work well on headaches. Apply to your neck and forehead. The aroma will clear your sinuses and the menthol will cool your tense muscles. Win.

When can I help you with your sneaky beast headaches?

What is Lomi Lomi?

I have returned from a massage retreat/workshop which has forever changed me. Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi, as taught by Michele Austin, is one of the many types of Traditional Hawaiian massage. “Lomi Lomi energizes the whole self, awakens the senses, and facilitates the opening of new neuropathways.”

The long, fluid strokes are performed on your body as a whole, not back, then legs, then arms, etc. Top to bottom, the fluid massage confuses the nervous system allowing your mind to “let go.”

Lomi interconnects mind, body and soul so they are not separate. You are treated as a whole being, with the dignity you deserve. We create a safe space, a sacred space for your whole self to receive the work.

All you have to do is breathe…

We shall be in a warm, secure room with music, sheets, and covers.

How is Lomi Lomi different than what I already do?

Almost every massage move is performed with my forearms or forearm and hand. Lomi is flowing, long, strokes from neck to toes, left to right, with no set routine. Time on the back side of the body is spent on the whole side, while keeping private areas covered and safe. Your whole leg is worked, not just the back. Your whole arm is worked, not only the back. Time will be spent on all areas, but in no order. Your shoulders will not only be worked once. They will be worked over and over. Your legs and hips will be treated, as well. Your whole being will be dignified and massaged according to your needs and expectations.

The same happens on the front side of your body. Your private areas are kept covered and safe. You are massaged from head to toe in no particular order, on repeat, no routine. Your body is treated as a whole and not compartmentalized.

Why do many call this a transformative experience?

It is difficult to put into words, but I will try πŸ™‚

My preparation for the treatment is longer. My focus is more intent. The music envelops the room. Your nervous system hits a point of “relaxation” and you cannot predict what the next move will be. Your mind “lets go” of irritating thoughts. Time slows down and flies by at the same time. You feel the intention of my massage by feeling safe, whole, dignified, and respected. You are treated as a whole. Your mind and soul are given space. Lomi Lomi massage feels AMAZING.

The massage itself is both gentle and deep. It can’t be boxed into “deep tissue” or anything else. Each practitioner will be a little different. The massage strokes can and will be deeper if you want them to be. Your problem areas won’t be ignored, but will be addressed in a deeper, effective way.

Please call with questions!

Do You Ignore Pain?

Picture it. You’re at work with the clock ticking on a deadline. While on a roll, you wish you could take a little break. The nagging sensation in your lower back is begging you to stop for a few minutes. You keep working. Pushing the uncomfortable twinge to the back of your mind, you instead focus on finishing the task at hand. You may move a little differently, but you do not stop.

Sweat starts to form on your face. Your semi-resting facial muscles slowly form into a grimace. Almost finished. Just a few more minutes/tasks.

And, done.

How often does this happen to you? If not your lower back, is it your shoulder? Knee? Neck? When you finish your work does the “uncomfortable” now resemble pain? Are you used to feeling this way?

Ignoring pain is common. You are taught to push through, finish the task at hand, and ignore the pain. “Pain is weakness.” WRONG. Pain is a warning from your body to stop or slow down. Pain is a sign of a potential problem. It could be as simple as a muscle spasm or as important as a fracture or other injury.

How often to you listen to your body?

When you need to go to the bathroom, you go, right? Why not rest for a minute when the pain hits? Can’t take a long break? Have you adjusted the way you are standing/sitting/walking/lifting? Often times changing your position will help you get through your work.

It’s important to remember to listen to your body. Rest is as important as work. Rest helps accomplish better quality work. Rest contributes to more enjoyable down time. Rest, y’all, rest.

Naps and frequent days off aren’t the answer, but listening to your body helps. Slow down when your body suggests it. Hydrate when you know you should. Lighten your load to protect your back and knees. Be reasonable with your time and expectations. Your body is important! It depends on you to listen πŸ™‚

Regular massage can improve certain painful symptoms. Light exercise as advised by your doctor can do great things to help eliminate pain. What can you do for yourself today?