Are You Comfortable?

Are you comfortable?


Are you really? Because sometimes I don’t know if you are comfortable or just trying to be polite because I want you to be comfortable. I really want to know the honest answer. How can I change things to make you super comfy and relaxed if I don’t know?

I put tremendous effort into how my massage treatment room is set up. The lighting is carefully crafted to be somewhat low yet bright enough I can see you clearly. Sheets are clean and fresh, smoothed under a light blanket for a little warmth and security. Music is soft. You can even smell lavender as you position yourself on the massage table. I lay on the massage table at least once a week to see if it is comfortable and relaxing.

But I’m not you. My bones are my bones and my skin is my skin. Your aches may be in a different area of the body than mine. My level of comfort is not the same as yours.

If you are not comfortable and you don’t tell me I can’t try to make it better.

Is the face rest tilted too high or too low? It’s adjustable! I can click it and we can make you more comfortable. Easy fix. Is the extra layer of cover just a little too much today? Is it making you sweat or uncomfortable? A simple, “I’m a little hot today,” and I will remove the blanket. You still have the sheet. Easy peasy.

Do you hate spa/meditation music but think that’s the only thing you are allowed to listen to because you are getting a relaxing massage? I can change the music. I keep a variety of music on hand just in case you feel like rocking out during your session.

Hot towels can be too hot and I really need to know if they are. I use a warmer specifically made for towels, but they can get pretty hot sometimes. I always unravel them and shake them out to cool them before they touch your body, but I can’t feel what you feel. I ask you if they are too hot and I need an honest answer.

If I say “Are you comfortable?” and you are lying on your stomach and it’s crushing your chest, hurting your neck, or pulling your low back please don’t answer “yes.” You deserve the best massage treatment and lying there uncomfortable or even in pain isn’t going to help you one bit. We can adjust your position at any time during your massage session. You are the boss of your body.

I have pillows and a side-lying positioning system to accommodate anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to be flat on his/her stomach or back during a massage. The massage will be just as effective in the side position. Plus, if you are more comfortable the whole experience will be more enjoyable. You will be able to experience more of the wonderful benefits of massage therapy if you are more comfortable and not trying to hold back.

The truth is sometimes I can tell if you are uncomfortable and that is why I ask. But if you don’t tell me then I just have to guess at what I can change. Please know that you can trust me enough to tell me if you are uncomfortable. Massage is supposed to be enjoyable. If you feel cramped and smooshed and irritated then it probably won’t help with your pain relief. If you are counting down the seconds until it’s time to turn over it’s time to speak up! You’re the boss!

It isn’t rude or impolite to tell your massage therapist if you are uncomfortable.

You won’t hurt my feelings. It won’t make me angry or irritated. I won’t roll my eyes. I will smile and suggest ways to move to get you more comfortable.

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