Have you been watching the Olympics?  We have been watching in the evenings.  I enjoy watching all of the athletes who represent the USA.  I must confess to shedding a  few tears during some of the performances of The National Anthem.  The pageantry, the pride, the structure, I love all of it!

But I get distracted.  All. Those.  MUSCLES!   Muscles are everywhere!   When I was a kid I would watch the gymnastics.  I loved the outfits.  I couldn’t tell you what color anyone’s uniforms are this year.  But the muscles, my eyes have been glued to the muscles!  I touch, rub, and knead muscles all day every day.  But I’ve never seen muscles like these in real life.

During the diving and gymnastics the legs grab my attention.  It takes POWER to execute those moves.  Watching theses athletes is like watching anatomy truly in motion.  I am amazed every time I see a set of thighs and hamstrings catapult someone through the air. AMAZED.

The swimmers’ arms fascinate me.  I work on a lot of shoulders. Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, tight shoulders.  I am not accustomed to seeing shoulders that move so freely!  Did you see Michael Phelps flop his arms around waiting to start his race?!  I think I would lose my hand if I tried to access his subscapularis!  AMAZING.

These athletes are powerful, dedicated, beautiful specimens of the human body.    As they perform their different events, I imagine which muscles are moving and how they are moving.  I literally get lost in the muscles.  I even think about what treatment they might need after an event.  What could I do to help them?

When I ask you, “What do you do?”  or “Where do you work?”  it is because I try to imagine your actions all day.  What do your muscles do to keep you moving?  What muscles help you achieve your work?  What actions do your muscles do day in and day out?  How can I help them?  How can I help YOU?