Hi, Tracy Bradley here! I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003. I provide professional massage services in Paris, Arkansas. The Comfort Zone Massage is inside T’Zers Family Hair Care next to Mosquito Joe of Arkansas.

Fourteen years ago I began my journey at the Fort Smith School of Massage. What started as an interest in a new career has blossomed into a love of massage therapy and what it can do to improve people’s lives. My first job out of school was in my best friend’s beauty shop. I met some clients that I still see today. All the weekends in 2004 I worked in the Bath House of the famous Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I worked with massage therapists who were in their 80s who had been there since they were 21! I learned so much from those amazing women. I spent 2 years working at a fitness center in Fort Smith before I settled in for several years at Shirley’s Beauty Shop. The last 2 years I’ve been a stay at home mom to my 2 children. After 14 years I’ve come full circle and am working with my best friend again!

Tracy Bradley, Licensed Massage Therapist, Paris, Arkansas
Tracy Bradley, Licensed Massage Therapist, Paris, Arkansas

I’ve taken 116 hours of continuing education, so far, with no plans to stop. I am a massage therapist who has a new-found passion for research. Learning more about how massage effects the body is a top priority. Much of my downtime is spent reading articles or discussions about massage and certain symptoms or conditions. And ethics. I love ethics discussions! I started the blog so I could keep you informed of the things I learn, to answer questions I hear every week about painful symptoms. Each day I learn something. Sometimes it’s something simple regarding client comfort. Other days I might find a whole new way to treat a common pain in the neck. I’ve had classes in chronic pain for the neck and shoulders and lower back. I wanted to know about hot stone massage so I took 2 different classes. And I want to know more.

What is my specialty? What is it that I do the best? After thousands of hours of hands-on massage I’ve developed a fantastic relaxation massage. I’m really good at combining deep tissue techniques on specific muscle groups (neck/shoulders, lower back, or other painful areas) and stress-relieving relaxation massage on other areas to give a complete session. What I don’t do? Jab you with elbows until you cry and tell you to deal with it. You want firm pressure? I’ll give it. You want medium? You got it. Steady gentle pressure works wonders, too. Pain relief. Stress relief. It’s what I do.

27 S 10th St
Paris, AR 72855


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