A Moment

We raked leaves Saturday afternoon. When I say we raked leaves I mean we raked LEAVES. I think there is around a ton and a half in our yard. Give or take. As we were making and moving large piles our 6-year-old was running around.

“Daddy, can I jump in the leaves?”

Being the awesome dad that he is he scooted together a large pile of leaves especially for her to jump into. She was instructed to stay out of all the other piles, only jump in that one big pile.

“Look at me, mommy!” followed by a sprint, jump and leaf-scattering landing 🙂

Next up, running in circles around the leaves before jumping into the middle. “Heeeeeeee, yeah!”

“You try it, mommy!”

I threw my rake to the ground and promptly trotted over to leaf pile and jumped feet first into the middle! Oh, she was pleasantly surprised. We took turns jumping for a few minutes before I returned to work.

I looked up to see the widest smile, the fastest run with a “WAHOO!” She was running and playing at full speed. No filter. No jogging. No thinking. No worrying.

Just being. In her moment. In her game. In her joy.

When was the last time you had a moment like that? Just joy? Or just a laugh? Or just an “ahhh” moment? Nothing creeping into your your thoughts about what to do next, what’s left undone.

Act like a kid sometime soon. Take a moment or two to enjoy something. Relish a view. Cherish a smile. Extend the length of a hug. Smile for no reason other than it feels good.

And then yell “WAHOO!” at the top of your lungs 🙂