A Headache Named Muscle Tension

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Once upon a time there was a headache named Muscle Tension.

He is a nasty pain in the neck!

The headache, Muscle Tension, slowly takes over the shoulders and neck.   He holds on to the back of the neck and head like a VICE GRIP!  It hurts so badly the eyeballs feel like they might pop out.

Oh, it hurts, it hurts!  HELP!  Is there anything that can help this Muscle Tension Headache that is attacking?!

Look, there on the horizon!  Who is that approaching?  What is that scent she carries with her?  The music she brings is so soothing…

Is she a crime-fighter?  Is  she a super woman?  (Gasp!)  She’s* a Licensed Massage Therapist!  She brings capable hands, soothing aromatherapy, soft music, and a plan to stop the pain.

Gentle hands can be powerful

She begins her attack on the Muscle Tension Headache by gently massaging the shoulder muscles.  She grips  firmly while gently kneading in a slow rhythm.  The back of the neck gets squeezed a bit.

One shoulder at a time the Massage Therapist works on the muscle groups section by section, layer by layer.  Sometimes the pressure is moderate, sometimes the pressure is deep.  After each shoulder has been thoroughly worked, the Massage Therapist addresses the neck.  She works from the shoulder area up through the neck to the base of the skull.

A thorough scalp massage is the “finisher” weapon to fight this headache. The scalp is tight and the muscle tension headache could hold its grip for days.

The Licensed Massage Therapist fights this Tension Headache with her bare hands!  Headache runs for his life!  He tries to hold onto the shoulders but he’s no match for her.  The Muscle Tension Headache is hurled into the great beyond told never to return again.  (Insert screaming “noooooo” here.)

{triumphant music here}

And they lived happily ever after 🙂

I fight those headaches every day at The Comfort Zone Massage. Schedule a massage appointment and we can work together put an end to your Muscle Tension Headache story.

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