5 Things Massage Can Help You With Right Now

You know I think massage is awesome, right? Here are five things massage therapy can help you with right now. Do you only get massage on special occasions? Check these out, you may find you need to come in sooner:

1. Headaches

Muscle tension headaches can make you feel like your head is going to explode or your eyeballs pop out. Put some heat on your neck and call for a massage appointment. Hot packs and slow, steady massage of the neck, shoulder, scalp, and face muscles will gently ease the pounding between your ears.

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2. Dry Skin

Winter air is dry. I know this because I shock the crap out of myself every time I touch something. Pop! The harsh air dries out your skin causing itchiness. Not fun. I use a pure massage oil with no preservatives or parabens. Your skin will LOVE getting rubbed down with an all natural oil. You get your muscles massaged AND your skin nourished. Win-win.

3. SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

Recent research suggests that regular massage therapy could lessen the severity of depression symptoms. Yep, good, dependable research discovered that. That’s probably one of the most awesome benefits of massage therapy I can talk about. SAD tends to occur in the darker winter months. It’s often too cold to go out. It gets dark early and stays dark longer. That sets a person up to get lonely or sad. Schedule regular massages this winter. My room is warm, I have a table warmer, blankets, and hot towels. Added bonus: Our smiles are warm and welcoming 🙂

4. Lower Back Pain

In 2011 a major research study was published showing that massage therapy was better than drugs and usual care for general lower back pain. Better than drugs. I just had to say that twice.

Headache relief with scalp massage
Headache relief with scalp massage

5. Irritability

Have you ever been so cranky you got on your own nerves? Yeah, me, too. It isn’t fun. When you feel yourself biting everyone’s head off when they ask you a question it might be time for stress reliever. I happen to know massage a fabulous stress reliever. You get to shut off all the annoying things when you shut the massage room door and lie down on the table. Music, silence, lavender, warmth, massage. All the cranky disappears.

If you needed a good reason to schedule a massage now you have 5! (follow the link, click the “schedule massage” button.)