31 Day Challenge, Take 2!

Last year some colleagues from around the world and I ¬†participated in a 31 day blog challenge. Thirty-one articles published in 31 days! I had been going through a big case of WRITER’S BLOCK so, you know, I signed up for it.The goal was to write for my business and enhance my relationships with clients. I wanted to find ways to provide you, my wonderful clients, quality information about the human body. I wanted to connect with you, answer many of your questions, and converse with you.

I was exhilarated, scared, inspired and tired. There were days that were awesome and days that my fingers just started tapping keys. I wasn’t sure what would come out of my brain, but I typed anyway. I just so happened to write some of my best work under the pressure of that daily deadline. I also read the blogs of other massage therapists. I may have written hundreds of words but I think I read at least a million. ¬†I must say, I “met” some truly awesome people who continue to inspire me and kick my arse.

Those brilliant minds have pushed us, once again, to publish 31 articles in 31 days. OF COURSE I’m going to do it again! I love to write and I love to learn about the human body, especially if I can learn more ways to help YOU.

I hope you read along with me this month. I’m feeling high and mighty right now, but about day 15 I may need a little encouragement. “Like” an article on Facebook if you like it, please. Share me on Twitter. Leave a comment or two even if you disagree with what I’m saying. I’m here on this blog for you. To write to you, engage with you, and learn with you.

As the tap dance teacher said to Dr. Huxtable, “CHALL-ENGE!” (A hilarious episode of The Bill Cosby Show, by the way.)